May 29, 2014

How To Clean Banana Flower(Vazhaipoo) ?

Banana Blossom is a large purplish blossom that grows from the end of a bunch of bananas.The leaves enclose scented flowers.The outer leaves are much darker and tougher compared to the tender inner leaves which are used in cooking. South Indians make a very simple delicious recipe using  chopped banana flower like stir fry, vadas, dosas.In Thailand,people ate raw chopped banana flowers with the dip of Hot and Spicy sauce and soups. It is called as Vaazhaipoo in Tamil,Arati poovu in Telugu.But the benifits make me to cook every weak.

Health Benifits:
·       Banana flower is known to help increase progesterone hormone which reduces bleeding during menstruation.Thus ,for people suffering from painful menstruation and excess bleeding,having cooked banana flower with curd or buttermilk is benificial.
·       It is considered to be a good source of vitamin A and C.
·       It is traditionally believed to be benificial as a lactating agent.

How to Select Banana Blossom from stores?
·       *Select a flower that is firm and fresh.
·       *The outer leaves should have a smooth appearance,bright and free from blemishes and cuts.
·       *The outer leaves should overlap tightly.They are available wrapped in transparent plastic,which keeps them from drying out quickly.

Cleaning Procedure:

Cleaning Time : 45mins

Keep ready the required items for cleaning Vazhaipoo.
·       Fresh Vaazhaipoo -1
·       Knife
·       Gloves or Gingelly oil for applying hands(to avoid stickiness)
·       Diluted Buttermilk in a wide bowl
·       Garbage bag for collecting the bracts(Outer layers)

1.Take the Fresh Vaazhaipoo and Remove the wrapped transparent plastic cover.

2.Apply your hands with a tsp of Gingelly oil or use Gloves to avoid the stickiness and discoloration in hands.
3.Start Removing the Bracts (Pink Colored Outer leaves) one by one and collect the yellowish colour florets from each Bracts till you will not able to remove the Bracts.
Then discard all the Removed Bracts to the garbage bag for ur convinience.
4.Take a bunch of florets and start discarding the Stamen (Thin stalk) and plastic textured tansparent petal from each floret.

5.Just hold the head of the stamen and pull down,it comes along with the petal.Discard the stamen and petal from collected florets.

6.At one  point, you will not find the stamen and petal from innermost bract’s florets,that is ,it will not be able to open.Then you chop the collected florets finely and soak it in buttermilk till the usage to avoid discoloration. 

7.Then take the innermost tender part of  Banana flower,which is overlapping each other tightly.Remove the head part and chop as it is finely.Soak it in buttermilk.

How to store?
Banana flower is best when used fresh otherwise cover in zip lock bags,wrap in transparent plastic or freeze bags and store under refrigerated conditions.
Without refrigeration,Soak it in Buttermilk till use.

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