May 29, 2014

JANGIRI Sweet Recipe l Jangiri l Selva's Kitchen

      Jangiri is one of the traditional sweet dishes in India.Jangiri is the cousine of Jilebi and it is made of Urad dhal whereas Jilebi is made of Maida and gram flour.This Sweet is served as main dessert at TamilNadu Marriages.

Jangiri Sweet  is the first dish in my blog which i enjoy making it and it tends me to start  this blog.Am in Oman,and my neighbour’s family went to India for vocation,Coimbatore which is my Sister’s City.One day my Hubby ask her to send Jangiri through them.So i got a spark and start browsing many videos.Finally i made it and gave a surprise to My Man this Diwali(2013).He appreciates a lot and Jangiri sweet became favourite to My Little Prince too.

  Jangiri Recipe : 

    Thats it : Soak Urad dhal - Grind Finely - Make Jangiri    
Soaking Time : 1hr            
Cooking Time : 1hr   
Makes             : 25 Medium size Jangiris
Shelf Life        : 3 days (Room temp.) & 3 Weeks in fridge

   Whole White Urad Dhal
1 Cup (220gms)
   Rice Flour
2 tsp
   Orange Food Color
2 pinch
2 pinch
for deep Frying

 For Sugar Syrup:

 1 Cup (220gms)
 1 Cup
   Lemon Juice
 1 tsp
   Rose Essense
 ½ tsp
   Orange Food Color(optional)
 1 pinch


1.   Soak Urad dhal for two hours and grind it with mixie or grinder till fluffy with ½ cup of water.Add Rice flour, Salt, Food color to the batter and mix well

2.Take a Piping bag or Zip-lock cover with a tiny hole.Fill the batter in half of the bag with air-tight and make practise the jangiri shapes roughly.

  3.Sugar Syrup:
    Take a Heavy-bottomed Pan,heat the sugar with immersing level of water in medium heat.After 3 mins it thickens and start forming One-String Consistency then add tsp of lemon juice to prevent crystallisation,mix well and switch-off the flame.
Checking One String Consistency:
Heat a heavy bottomed pan with sugar and water with 1:1 ratio.Let it melt the sugar and add a tbsp. of milk and stir ,now the impurities of sugar float and discard it with spoon.After heating 3 mins it thickens , check for a string.

a)Take the ladle of syrup and pour ,if the last drop of syrup very slowly fall down with a single line.(and you may take it with ur index finger and thumb and make a ball)  
b)Take a drop of syrup and pour it in water filled small bowl.if it dissolves ,wait for a min and check it again.if it remains like a ball and get down without dissolving,tiz is the correct consistency.

4. Heat a Flat-bottomed pan with 1 ½ inch oil or ghee ,keep the flame in sim.After getting hot ,Start forming the Jangiris of ur desired shapes,wait for 30 sec and turn over with fork or chopstick till gets crisp and transfer to the hot sugar syrup.Rest it for 2 mins and take out and arrange it in ghee or butter greased plate.

After getting cool(5 mins) ,store it in air-tight container for 3 days and can be stored for 3 weeks in fridge.

Lipsmacking Jangiri is Ready.....!

1.Low-medium flame is very important otherwise jangiri become soggy.
2.For better mix, add Rice flour,salt,food color  at the end of grinding.
3.To make bigger size jangiris like store-bought ,u can draw small circle and one big over that and do small swirls between the two circles continuously.
4.If Sugar Syrup becomes thick after some batches you can add little hot water.
5.One String Consistency is very important to get the perfect taste and shiny texture too.
6.Adding lemon juice is to prevent crystallsation otherwise Jangiri coated sugary but it doesn’t affect the taste.
7.I use Ghee and Oil with equal ratio.

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