Jun 4, 2014

CHICKEN Varutharacha Curry

Chicken is an excellent source of protein,niacin,selenium,vitamin B6,pantothenic acid,phosphorous and less fat.Chicken can be used as many ways in cooking like Soups,Gravies,Burger,Pizza,Snacks.Biriyani etc;For Gravies,we use spice powder for the better taste,In that way Chicken Varutharacha Curry is a very special dish which is prepared with Fresh Ground spices.It gives nice flavour and taste.

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My Man is a Food-Lover,not very fond of eating Non-Veg items and am a Non-Veg lover.After marriage Love worksout well,and My Man started eating Fish and Chicken ,Now for My Little Prince too. My Man prefer Chicken Varutharacha Curry in all the Hotels ,.So i tried new dishes ,by practice it comes out very well.Usually i prepare Non-Veg dishes for lunch,and i prepared chappathi or Idly-dosa for our dinner and had the tastiest remaining Curry.(My Man alwaz dont want to eat Non-Veg items second time,which we(girlz) told the same to amma before Marriage.....and after getting Amma posting automatically we start to eat the remaining items without wasting it to save the value of Amma Responsibility....hey i think this is the main reason to gain rapid weight after marriage for Ammas!!!!!!!!  ?????

Chicken Varutharacha Curry Recipe :
Thats it : Prepare Spice Powder - Fry Ing. - Cook Chicken with fresh spice powder
Cooking Time : 40mins  
Serves : 3+Persons

Oil                     2tbsp
Mustard             1tsp
Curry Leaves     1sprig
Green chilli       1/2
Big Onion         1
Tomato              1(big sized)
Turmeric powder   1/4tsp
GingerGarlic Paste   1tbsp
Mint Leaves      1handful
Chicken            1kg
Water                 4Cups 
Coriander Leaves   1handful
Salt                    to taste(1 1/2tsp)

Fresh Spice Masala : To roast & grind 
Oil                           1tbsp
Cloves / krambu      3
Cinnamon / pattai    1"inch piece
Cardamom / elakai  1
Coriander Seeds / kothamalli vidhai  3tbsp
Fennel Seeds / sombu      1tbsp
Cumin seeds / jeeragam   1tsp
Pepper corns / milagu      1tsp
Cashew Nuts           4
Curry Leaves          6leaves
Red Chillies            6round sized OR 4lengthy
Garlic Pods             4
Small onion            6
Coconut  grated      1/2Cup  


1.Cut the chicken as a small cubes and wash it with turmeric powder,marinate the chicken pieces with lemon juice.

  Keep the ingredients ready,chop the onion,tomato,mint leaves,coriander leaves,slit Green chillies.

2.Take a heavy bottomed pan ,dry fry the ingredients under To Roast and grind table. Fry it in low flame till coconut gets brown colour and make it cool and grind with little water as a paste.

3.Take a Heavy-bottomed pan,add oil,then add mustard ,after it splutters add curry leaves,mint leaves,coriander leaves,Green chillies,onion ,fry it for a minute and add turmeric powder,salt to get the moisture from onion quickly, fry till onion gets golden colour,add tomatoes,ginger garlic paste fry till mushy.

4.Now add the chicken pieces ,give a stir and close the lid for 10 minutes.Open the lid and see the chicken itself releasing water and half-cooked.Then add Spicy ground paste,salt,4cups of water in this stage and make a stir and cook for 15 mins.Check the chicken pieces cooked in this stage.Well-Cooked chicken look like threadpool.

 5.Transfer it to the serving bowl.

Serving Suggestions: 
It goes well with Rice,Pulao,Chappathi,Roti,Naan,Idly ,Dosa and Appam too.

Mom’s Notes:
1.Always eat Non-Veg dishes after one hour of preparation which gives the heavenly taste.This perfectly suits well for fish.
2.Dont change non-veg dishes to too many vessels except serving bowls.I usually had the same pan till it finish off.
3.Reheat it after every 8hrs,it can be tasted well for next day’s Idly,dosa, chapathi.

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