Jun 4, 2014

CORN FLAKES-Chocolaty Berry Delight

Corn flakes are breakfast cereals made by combining milled corn with sugar milled corn products.Corn flakes are very quick and healthy breakfast for kids and elders too.Corn in any form is the easy way to get convinced with kids.
Kids Version:

Thanks to God for giving this tasty ,healthy and very easy dish.When my Pillow pulled me and hold in bed early Morning,i prefer Corn-flakes with salad and juice for our breakfast.

Health Benifits :
Corn flakes : No saturated fat,No cholesterol,Very high in iron,niacin,riboflavin,thiamin,vit A,B6,B12,C.
Strawberry : High fiber,Antioxidants,Anti-inflammatory,B-complex,Bone health,proper Brain function,Anti-aging properties,Vigorous Vitamin C,Weight Loss.
Chocolate :Healthier Heart,Weight Loss,Diabetes Prevention,Reduce Stress,Sun Protection,Higher Intelligence,Cough Relief,Diarrhea Relief.

CORN FLAKES - Chocolaty Berry Delight Recipe :
Preparation Time : 7mins 
Serves : 1Person 
Corn Flakes
1 Cup
4 Sliced
Chocolate Milk/Plain Hot Milk
½ Cup
Chocolate Biscuits
2 Crushed
1.Take Corn Flakes in a bowl and add chopped ,2sliced strawberries on top.
2.Pour Chocolate/Plain milk over Cereal during serving time.
3.Sprinkle crushed biscuits on the top.      

Notes :
1.If you are using plain hot milk add  sugar to it.
2.Add milk during serving time otherwise it becomes soggy.Both taste good.
3.You can use serve this as kids breakfast  with any healthy juice.    
4.You can chop strawberry into fine pieces while adding.For garnishing add two big slices on the top.

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