Jun 12, 2014

Gobi Manchurian (Dry ,Gravy Version)

Gobi Manchurian is a Indo-chinese dish,which nowadays permanently listed in Indian Menu.
I Love Chinese Cuisine ,here we go “Chinese Cascade” hotel once in a month, we had a awesome dining around Chinese art-type statues and paintings.Gobi Manchurian is My Man’s favorite dish.so i prepared to surprise him for special days and My Little Prince not eating this starter as he knows that is Gobi.So We introduced another day as a name of “Seesima” .So he start eating the tangy Gobi.(Actually we don't know the meaning of Seesima).It goes well with Chinese cuisine foods.

Gobi Manchurian Recipe :
Thats it : Clean Florets - Deep Fry coated florets - Sauce
Cooking Time: 30 mins    
Serves: 2 persons


Cauliflower Florets
Turmeric powder
a pinch(optional)
Corn flour
Ginger Garlic paste
2tbsp chopped
Spring Onion
2tbsp white and green part
Big Onion
1 chopped
Chilli sauce
Tomato sauce
Soy sauce
½ tsp
Pepper powder
as req

1.To clean the Florets,boil the water with a turmeric powder,salt and add Florets,switch off immediately.keep that for 10 mins and drain water completely.

2.In a bowl add Corn flour(2.5tbsp),Maida(2.5tbsp),GingerGarlic paste mix well as a smooth paste.Add the Florets and coat well.Deep fry the coated Florets in Oil.Keep aside.

3.In a fry pan ,add oil, garlic,spring onion,onion fry til light brown colour,then add soy sauce,chilli sauce,tomato sauce and fry little,add corn flour( ½ tbsp) with little water and boil it.

4.Now add the Fried Florets and toss well to blend with sauce.

Garnish with Spring Onions(Green part).Serve hot with any Chinese Style food.

Gobi Manchurian is Ready...!

Notes :
 For gravy version,you can use more tomato sauce and corn flour with water mixture.

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