Jun 4, 2014

IDIYAPPAM (String Hoppers)

Idiyappam is a popular dish in South India which can be served for breakfast and dinner.It is very light  and easily digestible food. Idiyappam is loved by all age groups of people.

Initially i was too much struggling for making idiyappam like ...flour mixture became hard or very light and rotating the mould with my full effort and it takes too much time for me.
I asked my mom,she told me the basic tips to get soft Idiyappam.I followed that method and now it comes out very well every time.This is our family favorite,i prepared this for our breakfast and dinner.

Idiyappam Recipe :
Thats it : Make Dough - Make String Hoppers - Steam it 
Cooking Time:30 mins    
Serves : 2Persons


Rice Flour
1 Cup
Hot Water
1 1/2 Cups
1/2 tsp
Gingelly (seesame) oil/ghee
1 tsp
Idiyappam Mould
 Fine Hole plate

For 1cup of rice flour ,we need 1 1/2cups of water.It varies from flour to flour.it needs nearly 1 1/4cups but for the safer side boil little more (1 1/2cups) water.

Procedure :

1.Take 1cup of rice flour in a wide bowl.Boil 1 1/2cup of water with salt and gingelly oil/ghee.Switch off the flame when it starts bubbling.Now add 3/4cup of water to the rice flour,mix it roughly with spoon/fork/flat spatula and slightly by press it.It looks like crumbled mixture.Wait for a minute til the heat reduces into bearable and now with your hands,mix it well.Then add water little by little to make a firm dough.Just touch with your finger and it should not be sticky.This is the perfect way for making Idiyappam.Keep it covered with lid or damp cloth.

2.Keep Idly Cooker,plates and Idiyappam mould ready.
Heat a Idly Pot with ¼ portion of water with a lid.Meanwhile grease a drop of oil in each dent(kuzhi) of the idly plates and Idiyappam mould too.Fill the Mould with Rice flour mixture till ¾ th portion and close with a idiyappam mould roller. Then Start rotating the handle circular motion.

3.Arrange all the plates into the Idly pot ,when it starts boiling.Close the lid and cook for 10 mins.
To check : Keep the flame in simmer and open the lid ,press it with knife or toothpick in the centre of the idiyappam.if it comes out very clean it is done otherwise close the lid and wait for 2 mins.

Take all the plates outside and rest it for a minute and take with a wet spoon.         

Serving Suggestions :

   # Sweetened coconut Milk (Sugar or Jaggery)
   # Kadala Curry (Black Chick Pea Curry)
   # Chicken,Mutton,Veg Stew
   # Coconut chutney with red chillies
   # Milk with Sugar

For kids:
    Crumble the idiyappam and sprinkle with grated coconut, sugar.

Mom’s Notes:
1.Non-Sticky flour mixture is the perfect texture to get soft idiyappam.
2.For Idiyappam,the ratio of rice flour and water is 1:1/2 .But for the safer side,we boil little more water.
3.Arrange the plates into the Idly pot after the water starts boiling and rest it for a min after taking the plates outside then only Idiyappam comes out perfect without sticking on it.This tip suits for making idly too.
4.Greasing the mould is necessary.
5.Adding Gingelly oil/ghee results soft idiyappam. 
6,While taking the plates from pot,simmer the flame,open the lid,wait for 1/2sec then take it out or check it out otherwise your hand will get hurt by the vapour.


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