Jun 4, 2014


Idly is  a steamed Rice cake,low in fat and easily digestible.Rice,Urad dhal and Fenugreek are the main ingredients of Idli.Rice provides Carbohydrates,Black gram(lentils) provides protein and Fenugreek contains vitamins and minerals.

Soft Idlis with piping hot sambar and chutney are common in south-indian kitchens.And now,In a recent survey conducted in four cities of our country – Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi –It was found that Chennai has the best nutrient-rich breakfast in the country.The rice and urad dhal in idlis complement each other,making it a complete protein. 

Here, am using separate Mixer for grinding Idly,Aappam batter.Initially i struggle to get soft Idlies and Mom told me to add more Urad dhal and now it comes out very well. I all the times go with Traditional Method as my hubby likes and for the complete protein.
Today in a Hurry-Burry Life ,We slowly push our traditional foods from our kitchen because of time consuming process.So now we see the easiest version of making Idly – Dosa batter,which i tried initially to get soft Idlies.
There are so many methods to make Idly-Dosa batter.

1.Soaking Both Rice and Urad dhal,Fenugreek seperately for 3 hours and grind seperately.Mix both grinded Rice and Urad dhal together with salt.Ferment it.

            A. Traditional Method

2.Soaking Urad dhal,Fenugreek for 1 hour and grind it smooth till fluffy batter.Then mix with Rice flour ,add salt and ferment it.

          B. Modern Life-style Method -I

3.Mix Rice flour ,Unroasted Urad dhal flour with 3:1 ratio ,salt,baking soda (optional),add water and mix well.Ferment it.
 {Nowadays In SuperMarket they sale the III method of Idly-Dosa powder, which consisits of proper ratio of Rice flour,Unroasted Urid flour and baking powder for better fermentation.}

           C. Modern Life-Style Method –II

       Above all the Three Methods are tried and tastes well with little difference from our Traditional Method taste.U can pick up the method by your time-convinience.
I prefer Ist Method,which is a traditional and home fav.

a)Traditional Method :


Idly Rice/Puzhungal Arisi
3 Cups
Whole Urad dhal(skinless)
1 Cup
Fenugreek seeds
1 Tbsp.
10 Cups
3 tsp


1.Take 3 Cups of Idly Rice and 1Cup of Urad dhal,Fenugreek seeds in a seperate bowl.Wash it and drain the water. Soak the Rice with 6 Cups of Water and Dhal with 3 Cups of Water for 3 hours.

2.After Soaking,take a Mixie Jar with ½ batch of Urad dhal with immersing level of water(soaking water) and grind it for 1min and add little water grind it for 1min and it looks like a fluffy batter, collect it in a big Bowl.Then do the process with other ½ batch of Urad dhal and collect it.

3.Grind Soaked Rice in 3 Batches with immersing level of water in Mixie and grind each batch for 2mins.It looks like fine Semolina(Rava) and dont grind till fine paste,this is the perfect texture for Rice grinding in Idly-Dosa batter.Collect it in a Bowl.

4.Add salt and Mix well.Close the lid and Keep it for 8 - 10 hours of Fermentation.

5.Batter is Ready for use.

Mix well and Use it for Idly-dosa,Paniyaram,Uthhappam.

For Grinder,the proportion of rice and dhal is 4:1

B )Idly-Dosa Batter using Rice Flour (II Method)


Rice Flour
3 Cup
Urad dhal
3/4 Cup
1 tbsp
5 Cups
3 tsp


1.Keep ready the good Quality of Urad dhal and Rice flour. Soak Urad dhal with 3 cups of water for one hour with fenugreek.

2.Take a Medium size Mixie Jar.Take half of the soaked Urad dhal batch in mixie with immersing level of water and grind it for 30sec.Then add 1/2 Cup of soaking water and grind for 15sec till fluffy and it become more volume.Then again do the same grinding process for second batch of Urad dhal.Collect the batter in a wide Container.

 (After soaking ¾ cup of urad dhal ,it becomes double in the volume.so grind it as two batch for better grind in Mixie)

3.Then slowly mix the Rice flour to the Urad dhal batter ,add required water and mix well.For me,it takes totally 4 ½ cups of water. 

4.Close the lid.Keep it in Warm place for Fermention.Wait for 8+ hours.  


1.The Volume of the fermented batter depends on the Quality of rice and dhal.
2.Sometimes batter will not rise even though it is fermented ,that is checked by taking the scoop of    batter      and the appearance of the bubbles and the smell too.
3.Sometimes it takes more time to ferment depending on the Weather status.
4.For making Idly,dosas u can give a stir to the batter and make it.Somebody says try making idly without a     stir for soft idlies. But for the best nutrition u can mix and make.
5.U can use any of the containers to ferment like plastic,silver vessel except Aluminium container ................
6.Maximum storage of Idly-Dosa batter in Fridge is for 5days.

Fermentation Tips in Winter Season

    In Winter,it takes more time to ferment.In that case,follow any of the methods.
1. Pre-heat the Oven for ten minutes and switch-off ,place the batter with the lid inside the Oven with the Lights On.Rest it for Overnight.
2.Add ½ tsp of Baking soda to the batter and leave it for Fermentation
3.Wet the Jeans pant cloth ,drain it and tie the top of the container and leave it for Fermentation.
4.Take hot water in a wide pan ,then place the batter container inside ,close the water container with the lid and leave it for Fermentation.

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