Jun 4, 2014

KAARA Kuzhi Paniyaram (Spicy)

 Paniyaram is a Traditional South Indian snack and also  breakfast. Both spicy and sweet version tastes well.Easily digestible and stomach-filling snack too.My MIL make Spicy paniyaram for Breakfast and Sweet Paniyaram for snack.She always make Paniyaram from the leftover Appam/Idly batter.Paniyaram is very easy to prepare,when friends came to my home,suddenly i prepare Paniyaram or go with bread used snacks.Healthy snack and easily digestible.My Little Prince nowadays start liking to eat paniyaram.

Spicy Paniyaram Recipe :
Thats it : Batter - Seeding - Fry
Cooking Time:45mins         Yield:25         
Serves: 5persons(as a snack) / 2persons(as a tiffin)


Paniyaram Pan with Skewer

Raw rice-1/2 Cup,
Idly rice-1/2 Cup,
Urad dhal-2 tbsp,
Fenugreek-1/2 tsp
(soak 1 hour and grind smooth,rest it for 3 hours)

3 tbsp
1 tbsp
Urad dhal
½ tsp
Channa dhal
1 tbsp
Green chilli
Ginger chopped
1 tsp
Pearl Onion
Curry Leaves
1 sprig
Hing  (Perungayam)
½ tsp
Coriander Leaves
2 sprig
Baking soda (optional)

As req

1.Keep ready the Paniyaram Pan with a Skewer(stick) clean and 2 cups of Appam/Idly Batter in a  wide bowl.

2.Wash and Finely Chop Small onion,Green chilli,Ginger,curry leaves,coriander leaves.Heat a fry pan add oil,mustard,urad dhal,channa dhal,chopped onion.green chilli,ginger,Hing,Curry leaves ,fry till onion turns brown color and add this seasoning to Idly Batter.Add Coriander leaves to the batter and check for salt.(Seeding is optional.you can add all the items as raw).

3.Heat the Paniyaram Pan in Low-Medium heat,brush the holes with oil and pour two drops of oil in each hole.Then Fill spoonfull of batter in each hole till ¾ th portion and close with a lid.Wait for a minute and turn it with skewer(stick) then wait for 30 sec.To check if it is cooked prick in the centre of the paniyaram with toothpick or knife.if the toothpick comes out with batter wait for sometime, it comes out clean it is perfectly done.Take all the cooked paniyaram on the tissue paper.

Spicy Paniyaram is Ready...!

Serve it with Coconut chutney.

1.You can use grinded fresh Idly/Aappam batter after 3 hours for paniyaram.No need Complete Fermentation of 8 hours.
2.You can add chopped vegetables too.
3.Seeding is optional.I always add onion,green chillies,curry leaves,hing,coriander leaves directly to the batter and start making.
4.To make Sweet Paniyaram,you partition the same batter before adding salt and add Jaggery ,cardamom,grated coconut.

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