Jun 12, 2014

Masala Vadai / Paruppu Vadai

               Vadai is a popular fried snack item in South India and that is prepared from soaked dals (lentils) with spicy ingredients.It provides a good source of protein,iron and once eaten keeps the stomach full for sometime.At Tamil Nadu MarriagesHotels, Vadai is served with the combo of Idly, sambar , pongal,chutney.So many vadai varieties are there like Masala vadai(Paruppu vadai),Medhu vadai(ulundhu vadai),Spinach vadai (keerai vadai),Vaalzhapoo vadai,Thayir Vadai,Sambar Vadai.

At Festival times,we can prepare Masala Vadai and Medhu Vadai for Breakfast,sometimes for a snack with hot Tea. I often make it for a snack and instant version also there.

Thats it : Soaking – Grinding – Deep fry
Cook Time:20 mins     Makes:15


Channa Dal
Shallots(small onion)
10 (or Big onion-1)
Rice Flour or Rava (optional)
1 tbsp
Coriander Leaves
3 sprig
Curry Leaves
3 sprig
Red Chilli
4 (i use round sized)
Fennel Seeds(sombu)
1 tsp
1 inch piece
2 tsp

1.Soak Channa Dal with 3 Cups of water for two hours.

2. Grind Red chilli,Fennel seed,Ginger and half batch of channa dal coarsely in mixie without water and collect it in a wide bowl.Then grind remaining batch of channa dal,if u need add 1 tbsp of water and collect it in a Wide bowl.Leave 2 tbsp. of channa dal in a wide mixing bowl.

3.Add Chopped Onion ,Curry Leaves,Coriander Leaves,a tbsp of rice flour,salt to the crumbled channa mixture and mix well.

4.Heat a Pan with required oil for deep fry.Keep the sim as medium.

Put the small piece of vadai to the oil,if it comes up and fried then Pat the vadas and put gently to the hot oil.Wait for 30 secs and turn over,fry till light brown colour.Take the vadas carefully ,place it on the tissue paper.

Serve with Coconut  or Mint Chutney and Hot cup Of Ginger-Elaichi (Inji-Elakkai) Tea.

1.You can add cumin seed instead of Fennel seed,Small Onion tastes well for Masala Vada.
2.Dont crowd the vadas in the hot oil pan.Make it as small batches.
3.The Mixture should be crumble like texture.If ur mixture is too watery ,add More rice flour.In this Recipe i didnt use rice flour.
4.Soaking time 1-3 hrs of your choice.

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