Jun 27, 2014

Senaikizhangu Masiyal / Elephant Yam Masiyal

Elephant Yam is considered to be a healthy low-fat food so it can be consumes without any fear of weight gain.It is a rich source of essential fatty acids(Omega-3 fatty acids) which is known to increase the good cholesterol levels in the blood.Eating elephant yam helps in increasing the estrogen levels in women’s bodies to maintain the harmonal balance.Good to people with diabetes as it has a very low glycemic index and natural cure for contipation and irregular bowel movements.   
Always choose older Elephant Yam vegetable from the market.Always am confused with 3 root veggies and hope you too.....

Senaikizhangu Masiyal :
Thats it : Cut into dices – Pressure Cook - Seeding
Cooking time :25 mins  Serves : 2 persons


Elephant Yam (Medium size)
Turmeric powder / Haldi
a pinch
as req
Coconut Grated
Fennel seed / Sombu  / saunf
Red chilli (i used small round sized)
Small onion (chopped)
Curry Leaves

*Apply oil to hands OR use Gloves to avoid itching.


1.Apply oil to your hands and cut the big yam into small chunks.Then remove the outer skin using knife carefully,which is very hard.Wash thoroughly to remove the sand then cut into small pieces.

2.Dry grind coconut,fennel seed,red chilli using mixie.

3.In a cooker,add cut pieces,turmeric powder,salt ,immersed level of water.Pressure cook for one whistle in high flame.After pressure cooking ,drain the water ,add grinded coconut mixture and saute well for 1 min in a low flame.

5.Heat a seeding pan with oil ,add mustard,after it splutters,add onion ,fry till it turns brown in colour , then add curry leaves.Add it to the Yam mixture.

Senaikizhangu Masiyal...!

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