Jun 18, 2014

Vanjaram Meen Fry/ King Fish Fry

Vanjaram Meen (King Fish) is an Oily Fish,excellent source of protein,rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and increases the brain function.Its Oil is very effective in reducing the cholesterol ,strengthens the cardiac muscles,promotes Cardio-vascular health by increasing the Heart Rate Variability(HRV).Salmon improves the texture of the skin,hair and nails.Salmon is the common name used to denote the various species of fish belonging to the family of Salmonidae.

I Love Fish......After my marriage,appa always recommend me to buy Vanjaram Meen through phone calls.In my school days,me and my sister staying in the hostel.There, Visitors allowed once in a two weeks, that is sunday “Visitors Day”.So With Family we went to “Aachees” hotel in Palayamkottai,(Tirunelveli ) to had our lunch.I Love to eat fish kuzhambu and Vanjaram Fry in that hotel.
This everhit recipe is from one of my cooking inspirations Vidhya,my neighbour in chennai.

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Fish Cleaning:
1.Take the fish pieces from the freezer and refreeze for an hour.
2.Rinse under water.
3.In a plate,add water (1/2 Cup) ,turmeric powder( 1/2 tsp) OR vinegar (1 tsp) OR one lemon(juice).
4.Dip the pieces(2 sides) for 5mins.
5.Then rinse two times under water.Drain the water completely OR Pat dry with towel.

Vanjaram Meen Fry :
Thats it : Washing – Marination/Soaking – Deep Fry
Cooking Time : 10mins + 30mins(Refrigeration time)
Serves : 2+1 Persons


2 big pieces
Turmeric powder
2 pinch
Ginger-Garlic paste
1 tsp
Red chilli powder
Sombu powdered
2 tsp
1 tsp (saunf)
Corn flour /Rice flour
1 tsp
½ tsp
to toast

You can also add Sambar powder 3tsp instead red chilli powder.

1.Wash Fish pieces gently and drain the water completely or pat dry with cloth.

2.In a plate,add Turmeric powder,Red chilli powder,Corn flour,Lemon juice,salt,GingerGarlic paste and mix well as a thick paste.Check for the salt & spiciness now.If you want sprinkle water.(i dint add water).Apply the paste to the fish completely and close with a lid and keep it under refrigeration for 30 mins.(not in freezer)

3.Heat a Fry pan,add 5 tbsp of oil and shallow fry the Refrigerated Fish pieces.Fry in low flame for 3mins and flip over and cook for 3mins till it changes brown in colour,Then in a high flame cook both sides for 15 secs each.

Serve with Onion Rings and Lemon wedges.

1.You can do deep fry also.
2.Dont add too much water,it tends too masala seperable.
3.Refrigeration helps for better marination and masala not seperated.
4.Adding Sombu powder(perunjeeragam) gives nice flavour.

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