Aug 19, 2014

Paalada Pradhaman by Pressure Cooker

   Ada Pradhaman recipe is the God’s Own country’s Favourite......yes....its Kerala.Paalada pradhaman is like gheer prepared with Milk and Jaggery/Sugar.My Little Prince was born on Onam festival day 2011 ,so every year we celebrate Onam too.I planned to try kerala favourite recipes.My Man suggested Ada pradhaman ,as he had heard from so many malayalee friends.I purchase readymade ada from shop and prepared.Paalada Pradhaman comes out very well,tastes like yummy.I explained homemade ada Preparation below.

Rice Ada : Rice Ada is made from Raw rice. 
   Homemade Rice ada Preparation : Soak Raw rice( ½ Cup) for an hour.Drain the water, grind till smooth by adding little by little.Batter is like dosa consistency.Add a pinch of salt and mix well.Take aBanana Leaf and make it 4 sheets, spread the batter very thin ,tie that.Steam it for 10mins.Open the leaf ,after it cools cut like small pieces or ribbon shape.You can store it in a air-tight container.

Homemade Ada is Ready..!
Paalada Pradhaman Recipe :

Thats it : Soaking – Pressure Cooking - Seeding
Cooking Time:30 mins + 15mins Soaking time       Serves :2 Persons

Ada (i used store-bought)
½ Cup
Cashew nuts

1.Boil the water and switch off the flame.Add ada soak it for 20 mins.Drain the water and rinse under cold water 2 times to remove the impurities.
2.In a Pressure cooker ,add milk, ada, sugar ,cardamom(crushed or powdered) and pressure cook for one whistle with medium heat.After pressure release ,you see ada turns to the light pink colour.Again cook in low flame without a lid for 15 mins to get thick consistency.Turn off the flame.

3.Heat a seeding pan, add ghee, broken cashews, Raisins ,when it becomes light brown add it to the Paalada Mixture.Add one tsp of butter and mix well to aviod the upper cheese like sheet.
Paalada Pradhaman is Ready...!

Serve Hot or Chill.
Notes :
1.You are having homemade rice ada then fry the ada till brown colour and add it to the milk instead of soaking.
 (Soaking and rinsing is to remove impurities.If you confident with your clean homemade ada then go for frying.)
2.Your pradhaman is too thick then add milk and simmer for 5 mins.
3.My Man suggests broken cashews are well for paayasams.

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