Sep 29, 2014

Adai Dosai

Adai dosai is prepared from rice and dhal ,which is a healthy nest of proteins,carbohydrates and dietary fibre.Adai dosai is more nutritional dish than all dosai varieties.

My MIL’s super-hit recipe and.....Obviously Yes! My Man’s Favourite.We can serve it with Coconut chutney.Usually MIL soak rice,dhal for overnight and prepare for our breakfast,which gives more energy and keeps our stomach-full till lunch time.Am not very fond of eating adai.But i tried for him once in a two weeks.   

Adai Dosai Recipe :
Thats it : Soak Rice,Dhal – Grind & add ing. –  Make Dosai
Soking Time : 3 hours / Overnight
Cooking Time : 30 mins
Yields : 7 dosa

Ingredients :

Idly Rice
(Puzhungal Arisi)
½ Cup
Raw Rice
½ Cup
Toor dal
1/2 Cup
Channa dal
¼ Cup
Urad dal
2 tbsp
Moong dal
2 tbsp
Small Onion
¾ Cup
Turmeric powder
a pinch
Red chilli(i used small round sized)

3 pinches
1” inch
Curry leaves
1 sprig
Coriander leaves
1 hand full
2 tsp
Drumstick leaves
1 handfull
Grated Carrot

Procedure :

1.Soak Rice and dhal together for 3 hrs. 

2.In mixie jar,add red chillies,ginger,rice and dhal grind it.Then add little water and grind it coarsely.Make it as thick batter not too thin.I used to grind it as two batches in my small jar.
(Optional: You can rest it for 3 hrs)

3.Now add chopped onion,coriander leaves,curry leaves,turmeric powder,asafoetida and salt.[You can coarsely grind onion with pulse option]Mix well.
Heat a dosai pan.

4.Spread the adai batter slowly in circular motion,drizzle a tsp of oil around it.Cook for a minute each side in low-medium flame.

Nutrition Rich Adai is Ready....!

Serving Suggestions :
Sidedish : Coconut Chutney / Aviyal / Crushed Jaggery / Butter / Tomato Chutney / Honey

Notes :
1.You can use 3 green chilli instead of red chillies.
2.You can use the adai batter after grinding or give 3 hrs of standing time,which gives more taste.
3.You can use handfull of drumstick leaves,Vaazhapoo or grated carrots as per your wish.
4.Sometimes i give a pulse grind for onions too,which is easy to spread.(Co-sister’s tip)
5.Our human body needs much more energy/protein in morning time.So make adai for breakfast preferrably.(It takes more time to digest,so avoid eating as a dinner dish).
6.You can also add equal amount of dhals.Dhal proportions may vary home by home.

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