Sep 21, 2014

Aval Urundai / Poha Ladoo

Aval (Flattened rice in English,Poha in Hindi) is a rice which is beaten or pounded into flat light dry flakes.Aval is a primary source of carbohydrates.It is also rich in iron,vitamin B1,protein and antioxidants.Poha is also advisable for lactating women for their infant weaned from breastmilk.

Amma makes Aval urundai,Rava ladoo oftenly.It tastes well with crunchy nuts.Ladoo is a tricky way to feed kids and they love it too.It can be a complete meal by adding mixed vegetables,sprouts.Aval used in main dishes like Aval Upma,Aval Payasam,Chivda(Poha mixture.Snack).

Aval Urundai Recipe :
Thats it : Roast Aval – Make powder – Make Ladoos
Preparation time : 20mins   Yields : 12 small ladoos

VIDEO : Aval Ladoo

Ingredients :

Aval / Poha / Flattened Rice
½ Cup
¼ Cup
3 Pods
Cashew Nuts

Procedure :

1.Make the ingredients ready.Break cashew nuts,raisins into fine pieces.

2.Dry roast aval till light brown colour with aroma smells.Keep aside.

3.Dry grind sugar into fine powder.

4.Dry grind roasted aval with cardamom pods into fine powder.

5.For a better mix add powdered sugar to tha aval powder and grind once Or mix both the powders well by hands.Transfer it to the bowl.

 6.Heat ghee,add broken cashews and raisins,fry till golden colour.

7.Add the seeding to the bowl.Immediately,roughly stir with spoon(its hot).It looks like crumbled mixture.Wait for a min to cool down little.

7.Apply little ghee to your hands.With bearable heat,start rolling the ladoos.Take  small amount of mixture by hands,start rolling by applying gentle pressure.

 Aval Urundai is Ready.....!

After cooling,store it in air-tight container.It stays for a week.

Serving Suggestions:
  # Sweet
  # Snack(eve snack)

Notes :
1.Start rolling the ladoos with bearable heat itself to get shaped.
2.You must break the nuts into fine pieces to avoid breakage while making ladoos.
3.You can also add Fried gram  1/4 Cup same way by reducing same amount aval.

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