Sep 15, 2014

Badam Halwa

“A handful of almonds a day is a quick way to stay healthy”

           Almonds are rich in vitamin E,Calcium,magnesium and potassium.Additionally, almonds are a significant source of protein and fiber,while being naturally low in sugar.
Badam(Almond) Halwa recipe is a rich and delicious halwa ,prepared with Almonds,Milk and sugar.First time i made it for diwali two years before.After blogging, I was eagerly waiting for a very special day to make this delicious halwa and i prepared last weak.Yes....! that was my wedding anniversary,what else the very spl day in women’s life......Every year, i planned for many surprises to make him happy on that day.This year my only focus was to prepare that delicious halwa.It tastes heavenly Mmmmm....I shared and njoy with my friends too....
Badam Halwa Recipe :
That’s it : Soak/Grind Almonds – Blend with Milk/Sugar – Simmer Cook

Peeling Time : 30 mins      Cooking Time : 30 mins
Serves             : 5 Persons
Ingredients : 

1 Cup
½ Cup
1 Cup
1 ½ Cup
Saffron / Cardamom
8 strands /
 ½ tsp
½ Cup

Procedure :

  •      Soak almods for 2 hrs Or Soak in hot water for 10 mins.Peel off the skin.(peeling takes 30 mins for me)

  •      Keep ready the boiled milk.Grind almonds with ¼ Cup of milk until smooth paste. (if you need, add    little      water)

  •      Soak saffron strands in luke-warm milk.keep aside.

1.Heat a heavy bottomed pan,add water ,sugar ,after it dissolves,add almond paste and stir well continuously to avoid lumps.
2.After it blends with sugar syrup ,add saffron milk and mix well.Simmer the flame to medium.
3.After 5mins,it starts to thickens and it will splutter ,now add two tbsp of ghee at regular intervals and keep stirring to avoid stickyness.
4.After 4 mins,spluttering stops and it absorbs all the ghee and start leaving the sides of the pan.After a min, switch off the flame.
Transfer it to the ghee greased bowl.

Delicious Badam Halwa is ready....!
Serve hot or chill.

1.You can refrigerate it for 5 days in air-tight container(after cool down).
2.You can add condensed milk 5 tbsp instead milk.
3.You can add cardamom powder instead saffron.
4.You can also add a pinch of yellow food-color with saffron milk to get yellowish texture.  
5.After cooling down it thickens.                          

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