Sep 11, 2014

Vaazhaipoo Vadai

Vaazhaipoo(plantain flower) vadai is a healthy snack.Vaazhaipoo is an excellent source of fiber in the human diet.It is used to control excessive pain and bleeding during menstrual cycles , good for pregnant women.

This snack is my MIL’s favourite evening dish.She prepared vaazhaipoo vadai often, when she is with us.If we had bigger size,she go with Vaazhaipoo Usili and this vadai.Here,I am posting the recipe of Vaazhaipoo vadai and dont forget to check “How to clean Vaazhaipoo?”.
Vaazhaipoo Vadai Recipe :
Thats it : Clean Vaazhaipoo – Soak channa dal & add ing. – Deep fry
Cleaning Time :45 mins(Vaazhaipoo)
Soaking Time :2 hrs(dhal)
Cooking Time :20 mins
Yields : 8 Vadais(medium size)

Ingredients :

Vaazhaipoo cleaned
1 Cup
Channa dhal
½ Cup
½ Cup (1 big)
Red chilli
4 (i used small size)
Fennel seed / Sombu
1 tsp
Rice flour (optional)
1 tsp
1” inch
Curry Leaves
1 sprig
Coriander Leaves
1 tbsp chopped
1 tsp


1.Clean Vaalaipoo well and soak it in buttermilk till use.Soak channa dhal for two hours.

2.In mixie,add sombu,red chilli,ginger,little curry leaves,channa dhal and grind coarsely.(Leave 1tbsp of channa dhal in a bowl).Collect in a bowl.(No need to add water,if you are soking 2 hrs)

3.Add chopped onion,curry leaves,coriander leaves,Cleaned vaazhaipoo,salt to the bowl and mix well.

4.Heat oil in a kadai with medium flame,add a pinch of mixture to the oil,if it slowly raise then pat the vadai and slowly add it to oil.Fry till light brown colour appears and flip into other side,fry till golden brown colour.Carefully take and drain oil ,keep it in tissue.

Vaazhaipoo vadai is ready.........!

Serve with hot Ginger Tea.
Notes :
Clean and keep ready Vaazhaipoo before making vadais.

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