Oct 29, 2014

Pomegranate Juice For Cold,Flu (No Ice Version)

“Miracle Drink”
Pomegranate is a rich source of vitamin C,vitamin K,vitamin B6 and panthonic acid.It also consists of vitamin A,vitamin E,thiamine and riboflavin in small amounts.

Pommy While Cold,Flu and Cough : The high amount of vitamin C content helps to fight against flu and cold symptoms.During Cold,flu,simply drink 1 to 2 glasses of diluted pomegranate juice.This fruit is used to reduce cough. The flower of the fruit is to be kept in sun and dried,make it as powder and taken with hot water.The flowers of the fruit are taken,crushed;remove te juice from it with a small piece of ginger.Add small quantity of honey in it and taken.
Lemon : antiseptic,aids digestion,great source of vitamin C,calcium,magnesium,bioflavonoids.
Honey  : antibacterial,antioxidant,antitumor,anti-flammatory,and antiviral.
Ginger : antiviral,anti-inflammatory,aids digestion,effective against human respiratory syncytial virus.

When My Little Prince was 2years old,we went to doctor for common consulting.He advised ,” Increase your fluid intake when you have a cold by drinking water ,juice like pomegranate,lemon,Orange with little ginger,honey instead sugar but without ice and soups throughout the day.Intake of the right fluids can loosen mucus and prevent you from becoming dehydrated.Get plenty of rest,Gargle warm salt water”.

The word “Pommy” i used here is from My Little Prince kids language.

Then i googling lots for searching that fruits really a miracle drink for Cold,Cough and Flu.And finally i got the clear idea ,now posting this.Its working,i followed nowadays continuously.This healthy juice is suitable for kids from the age of 8 months.But avoid honey for infants below one year.

Pomegranate Juice :
Thats it : Deseed Pommy – Pulse Grind – Add Lemon/Honey
Preparation time : 7mins
Serves            : 2Persons                     
Ingredients :

2 Cups
2 tsp
2 tsp
1 Cup
Ice cubes

Preparation :
1.Wash Pomegranate with water.Slit as a plus sign at the top of the pommy.Make a deep cut through the plus sign.Take a piece and stretch outwards and deseed it all.

2.Add deseeded Pomegranate,ginger,1 Cup of water to the blender, give 3 pulse grind.Filter with strainer.Now add remaining cup of water and give again 3pulse grind.Filter it.Add honey,squeeze lemon juice via strainer to remove seeds.Mix well.

Pommy Juice is Ready....!        

Notes :
1.You must add any one of them from honey,ginger and lemon.
2.You can refrigerate also but drink at room temperature.

Health Benifits : Fights Cancer,Benificial for the Cancer,Normalize Blood Pressure,Anemia,Protects Cartilage,Healthy Teeth,Effective against Impotency,Prevents Alzheimer’s Diesease,Fight Cold and Flu,Menstrual Problems,Protects the Neonatal Brain,Diarrhea and Dysentery,Cough,Piles,Intestinal Worms,Hyper Acidity,Digestion,Increase Memory,Constipation,Skin and Anti-Aging,Asthma,Morning Sickness / Nausea,Sore Throat.

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