Oct 27, 2014

Sweet Somas / Kharinji

Sweet Somas is known as Somasi or Karchikai in Tamil and Kharanji in Maharashtra.It is a traditional sweet which can be prepared with variety of stuffings with the same base.Somas is a deep fried,crispy ,half-moon shaped stuffed flaky outer cover.


Every Diwali i asked My Man for the dishes and this year finalize Sweet Somas,Murukku.Safely shifted new home during Diwali period with limited vessels as another shifting also there at the end of the month.But i tried Sweet Somas for the first time and it comes out very well.It tastes nice with the crunchy bland outer cover then the sweet stuffing,really it tends to take +1 from the plate.

Sweet Somas Recipe :

Thats it : Dough(Outer Cover) – Filling – Stuffing - Deep Fry
Preparation Time : 15mins Resting Time   : 2hrs
Cooking Time      : 35mins Yields             :15 Somas
Shelf Life           : A weak in air-tight container

Ingredients :

For the Outer Layer :
Maida / All Purpose Flour
1Cup + 2 tbsp (dusting)
Rava / Sooji / Semolina
½ tsp
¼ Cup

For the Filling :
Fried Gram Dhal / Pottu kadalai
½ Cup
½ Cup
Grated Coconut
½ Cup
Cardamom / Elakkai
2 Pods

(It remains half of the quantity after used for this
 recipe.If you want this filling for your poli ,paratha,
or for kids snack, make this measurement otherwise 
use half of the measurement of all below the four 

Procedure :

Making Dough :

1. In a wide bowl,add Flour,Sooji ,salt and mix well.Knead it by sprinkling water,add oil to            it.Make it a stiff and tight dough.For me it takes half Cup of water.Covered Keep aside for        2hrs.

Filling :

2. Meanwhile,
     i. Coarse grind the fried gram dal in a mixer like rava.
     ii. Add Sugar and elakkai in a mixer and grind finely.
     iii.Grind coconut as a little coarse with 2times of pulse grind.(This step is optional.If you are           having grated coconut in hands skip this step)                                                                                
     iv.Add grated coconut to the fry pan ,fry in a medium flame till dry(moisture evaporates)                and wafts nice aroma.Keep aside for getting cool.
    Filling is Ready ...!
         Add Coarse Fried gram dal,powdered sugar and fried coconut and mix well.Keep it in a              air-tight container.(i just add crushed nuts of my choice)


Stuffing :

3. Knead the stiff dough.Keep ready with the chappathi roller,pan,filling,flour for dusting a           pan,1/4 Cup of water for sealing the edges,trimming tool for shaping the edges. Divide the           dough into small balls.
4. Dust the pan with flour. Roll the small dough like we do for pooris as a thin.
5. If you want to make a perfect circle shape,do it with any bottle lid.
6. Now add 1 tbsp+ of filling to the centre of the rolled dough.Apply a finger dipped water to         the half circle of the rolled dough for sealing purpose.Fold it carefully.
7. Press it with your single finger to avoid spilling the flour.Then trim the edges eith trimming       tool.I use my fork spoon.Press and make it a print for the entire folding.You can also use             somas cutter,pizza cutter.If you are using cutters then trim it in the centre of finger press           otherwise it spills.You just check the tight folding by shaking it downwards.
    Keep covered with lid till use.

Deep fry :   

8. Heat a kadai with oil in a medium flame ,add little dough to check the hotness.If it rises               immediately then add the stuffed patties.Dont over crowd the pan.Fry till the sound subsides     and golden brown colour.Somas Puffs up.Flip off and fry the other side.Take out carefully         and drain it in tissue.
Crispy Sweet Somas is Ready....!

Notes :

1.Make sure the dough should be stiff and tight.
2.Adding Rava is to get crispiness.
3.Add very less salt otherwise it dominates the sweet taste.
4.Roll the dough as thin layer as it best for crunchy Somas otherwise it looks with layers after fried        which leads to less crispyness.
5.Filling remains half the quantity ,use it for stuffed paratha or poli.
6.After it cools,store it in air-tight container.It stays for a week.
7.Make sure the binding after you fold otherwise stuffing spills and spoils the oil while frying.
8.In above recipe,i doubled the quantity so that the clicks displayed are more amount.

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