Nov 9, 2014

Kerala Aappam (3 ways)

Aappam (also called Palappam) is the traditional breakfast dish of God’s Own Country “Kerala”.Aappam can be served with Sweetened Coconut milk with a flavour of cardamom OR Veg,chicken,mutton stew OR Kadala curry(Chick pea curry).Ingredients may differ by region and by home but the taste is so divine.Traditionally kerala aappam is prepared with Raw rice and coconut (with / Without Yeast).Nowadays it permanently listed in Tamil Nadu Regular Menu also.

My family and guest favourite recipe is aappam with sweetened coconut milk,kadala curry.My Little Prince is very fond of eating aappam with milk or coconut milk and that dining time is such a relaxing time for me to feed him.Aappam batter preparation is differed by every home.So here i post 2 types of ing. table.Pick up your favourite method as per your available ingredients.I prepared this 3 ways ,each one is perfect with taste.

Kerala Aappam Recipe :

Batter Preparation :
Soaking time        : 3 hrs
Preparation Time : 10mins in mixie / 20mins in grinder
Yields                    : 12 Aappam

Table I : Kerala aappam With / Without Yeast

Raw Rice
2 Cups
Active / Instant dry Yeast
1 tsp / ½ tsp (optional)
Cooked Rice / Poha
1 handfull
Coconut pcs or grated / Milk
1 Cup / ¾ Cup
1 ¼ Cup
2 tsp
1 ½ tsp

1.Wash raw rice well and soak for 3hrsin the water.Drain the water.

 2.   STEP for using Yeast (If you are not having yeast skip this step and continue 3rd step.)
* If you are using Active Dried Yeast, add 1tsp to the warm water(1/4 Cup) and rest it for 10 mins.It bubbles and looks like foamy texture.
* If you are using Instant yeast just add ½ tsp in the mixer with rice.

3.Add Coconut,raw rice to the mixie with Active Dried Yeast water,Cooked Poha or rice, ½ Cup of water grind it till smooth.Ferment it for 8hrs.After fermentation,mix ½ Cup of water,sugar,salt to make watery batter more than the dosa batter.

Aappam using Yeast is Ready...!

Notes :
1.If you are using Yeast ,fermenting time will be shorter(6hrs) than 8hrs.
2.You can also grind it in grinder.(It takes 15 mins)
3.You can add ¾ Cup of Fresh coconut milk to the fermented batter before making aappams instead grinding coconut.

Table II : Aappam with Idli Rice ,Urad dhal

Raw Rice
1 Cup
Idli Rice (parboiled ponni rice)
1 Cup
Urad dhal
¼ Cup
Fenugreek seeds(Vendhayam)
1 tsp
Coconut pcs or grated / Milk
1 cup / ½ Cup
1 tsp
2 tsp

1.Wash raw rice ,idli rice ,urad dhal,fenugreek and soak it together for 3 hrs.Drain the water.

2.Add coconut ,soaked rice and dhal( ½ batch), ¾ Cup of water in the mixie,grind it till smooth.Ferment it for 8 hrs.

3.After fermentation,add sugar,salt, ¼ Cup of water and make the batter little watery than dosa batter.

Aappam is Ready...!

Aappam Making :

1.Heat aappakadai (aappam pan) or any dent pan with low flame.Brush with oil(if required).
* Just pour the big ladle of aappam batter.
* Swirl the pan clockwise till the batter reaches the starting point.Immediately see the holes in the swirled aappam            which is perfect sign of aappam.Drizzle oil and close the lid.
* Cook for one minute.Open the lid and see the edges automatically leave from the sides and turned crispy brown in          colour.Take from the pan with spatula.

2.To make Feathery Floral aappam,Same procedure but swirling is different.
* Swirl front and back then immedietely left to right and then 2 diagonals too.

Serving suggestions :

   # Sweetened coconut Milk (Sugar or Jaggery)
   # Kadala Curry (Black Chick Pea Curry)
   # Chicken,Mutton,Veg Stew
   # Coconut chutney with red chillies
   # Milk with Sugar

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