Nov 25, 2014

Nail Art : Hello Kitty

Nail Art is an art of painting decorative designs on the Fingernails and Toenails.These days Nail Art is considered as important fashion activity of beauty.Types : *Nail Stripes *Nail Stickers *Water Marbale *Nail Jewels *Blending colours in Nail Polish              

Hello Kitty : Hello Kitty is a personification or fictional character of a cat produced by Japanese company Sanrio.Hello Kitty is a white japanese bobtail cat with red bow.Kids favourite today.Hello Kitty product range has expanded and goes all the way from toys,stickers,greeting cards,cloths,accessories,school stationary items etc.;

Do It Yourself : Main Aim of this segment is to save Time & Cost.

To me,nail art is a new fashion as i always go with light pink colour coat thats it.After i started blogging,my bestie (gv) told me to post variety of nail arts which is hot fashion in Today’s trend.So i browsed lots of videos and terms,finally got some own idea about nail art.This is a big surprise for her.I try my best in this (Fashion@Home) chapter with maximum of correct information.Hope you all found useful.

Hello Kitty Nail Art :
Timing : 30mins for beginners
Required Items :

Base Coat
Before painting : To prevent discoloration
Light consistency with any colour
Quick-Dry Top Coat
After painting :To form protective layer
& gives perfect/shiny finish to the nail art
Looking as water colour ,dry faster
Dotting Tools
To make a dot,line etc,;
It may be hairpins,toothpick,pencil tip
Nail Polish
Hello Kitty
To wipe
Tissue Paper,Wipes.
Paper towel
Nail Polish Remover
To remove old art
Wipe it with tissue paper with a touch of liquid
 Wiping the sides and for designing
Paint brush

Art Procedure :

1.Keep ready with the required items.

2.Keep your nails clean.Do Manicure or just cut the nails ,shape it.

3.Remove your old nail polish by wiping with a touch of nail polish remover liquid.Immediately close the lid of nail polish remover otherwise it evaporates faster.

4.Apply Base coat to smooth the nails and to avoid discoloration.

5.Hello Kitty Nail Art    
   i) Apply Pink colour to all the nails.

   ii) Index finger and Middle finger are the main fingers and broader too.So we make hello kitty paint         in any of the nails.I choose Middle One.

       * Face :  Apply white colour to the half nail of the middle finger.
       * Ears :  Apply white colour as just a 2 touch above the white colour(face).Give a outline with                           black colour using tool.
       * Eyes :  Apply 2 dots with a black nail polish using dotting tool.
       * Mouth Hairs : Apply 3 times a line diagonally to the two sides of the face.
       * Mouth : Apply yellow colour as a very small touch using nail polish brush itself.
       * Bow :   Make two nearer dots inside the face below the ears with pink nail polish using dotting                      tool.Make it a 2 single dots as seperate triangle and join it.
     iii) For the remaining 4 fingers ,do the simple designs related to hello kitty theme with the proper             colour combination.

       * Thumb finger : Make white dot in the centre of the nail and apply white lines around the               dot (foot print).
       * Index Finger : Make white dot in the centre of the nail and dots around (hand print).
       * Ring Finger  : Make two nearer dots and make it as tiangle shape and join it (bow).
       * Kiddy Finger : Make white dot in the centre of the nail and dots around (hand print).

    iv) Make it to dry for 2-3 mins.

6.Apply Quick-dry Top coat to form protective layer and gives perfect / shiny Finishing.

7.Wipe off the sides using nail polish remover with tissue.

Hello Kitty Nail Art :

Notes :

1.You can also do this with related equipment and tools which cosmetics shop had.I did this with some clr nail polish and home based tools which is the alternative method.
2.You can also do this without base and top coat but this is the professional way of an Nail art.
3.Above Hello Kitty nail art is my first trial so SORRY for the imperfection but the instructions are true.
4. i use my light colour transparent pink nail polish as my base coat.
5.Colour combination is the main thing in nail art so you choose your own colours.If you go with a theme just use the oriented colours.

Leave your footprints as a comment and mail your suggestions at It means a lot and make me to try your favourites.

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