Nov 4, 2014

Panneer BHURJI

Panneer Bhurji is  made from cottage cheese with peas-onions-bell peppers and traditional indian spices.Bhurji is a moistured gravy version,it goes well with chappathi,roti and sandwich too.Very easy to prepare.Tastes well with soft panneer and crunchy capsicum.There are so many varieties in Bhurji like Panneer Bhurji,Egg Bhurji,Capsicum Bhurji etc.;

I used to prepare bhurji atleast once ,when panneer is in my Fridge.Mostly am go with egg bhurjis.Egg bhurji is also same like this recipe and lastly add beaten egg mixture.Fry till cooked and look like scrambled texture.

Panneer Bhurji Recipe :
Thats it : Crumble Panneer – Chop Veggies - Fry
Cooking Time : 15 mins        Serves :2 Persons
Ingredients :

1 Cup
1 medium
1 big
½ / 1 tsp
1 tbsp
Green chillies
Turmeric pdr
3 pinches
Garam masala pdr
½ tsp
Red chilli pdr
½ tsp
1 tsp
Coriander leaves
2 sprigs
1 tbsp
to taste(1tsp)

Procedure :

  # Thaw Frozen panneer cubes at room temperature OR immerse panneer in hot water for  
      10mins.Drain the water.             
   # Grate or Crumble panneer by hands or grate or give it a pulse grind by mixie.
      Chop Capsicum,finely chop onion,tomato,ginger,green chilli,coriander leaves.

1.Heat a pan,add oil,jeera,ginger/garlic,green chilli,after it all browns,add onion,fry till slightly brown,then add tomato,turmeric pdr,red chilli pdr,garam masala pdr,salt fry for 2mins.
2.Lastly add Capsicum fry for a min only to retain its crunchiness. Add crumbled Panneer,giv a stir and fry for a min to get blend with masalas.Dont fry panneer too much time as its moisture gone.Switch Off the flame.Garnish with coriander leaves.
Panneer Bhurji is Ready...!

Serving Suggestions :
     # Chappathi,Roti and Sandwich stuff.

Notes :
1.You can add a tsp of lemon juice instead tomato after switch off the flame.Give a stir.
2.Same procedure for panneer cubes also while thawing.
3.For Egg Bhurji,add beaten egg mixture and fry for 2mins.

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