Dec 6, 2014

Murungai Keerai Poriyal / Drumstick Leaves Fry

Keerai is a very healthy and essential intake to all the age groups.So many varieties like Agathi keerai,Arakeerai,Mulaikeerai,Mullangikeerai,Ponnankannikeerai,Paalakeerai,Thandankeerai(red,green),Vendhaya keerai and pudina,kothamalli are there.You can prepare greens as soup,stir-fry,pulao,gravy,dhal and non-veg dishes too.So Its very good to have keerai(greens) to ur diet atleast twice in a week.

Murungaikeerai Benifits :

It is a rich source of highly digestive proteins,calcium,iron,vitamin C and Carotenoids.It helps to control chest congestion,cough and sore throat.Drumstick leaves juice is very benificial for pregnant women as it help them to overcome sluggishness of the uterus,ease delivery and post delivery complications.Inhaling the steam of water boiled drumstick leaves helps to control asthma,cold,cough and other lung problems.

In my home its a request,order and rule to have any keerai(greens) thrice in a week for its health benifits..Here,Oman i get fresh leaves with 4-5 varieties.I always take vendhaya keerai,Thandang keerai,Paalak keerai except Murungaikeerai.In my home we have a big drumstick tree and amma makes poriyal and boil it with water for steam inhalation to get ride off cold and cough. .Sometimes,me and my friends go for a evening walk and pick this drumstick leaves from some home garden and use that for poriyal or adai.We love to have it with any form.

Murungaikeerai Poriyal Recipe :
Thats it : Seeding – Fry – Add coconut mix
Cooking Time : 15mins
Serves :2Persons

Ingredients :

Mustard seeds
Urad dhal
½ tsp
Red chilli
½ Cup
Curry Leaves
½ tsp
¼ Cup
Greenchilli / red chilli
Jeera / cumin
½ tsp
¾ tsp+

Procedure :

# Remove the leaves from stem.Wash and drain the water,keep aside.Dry grind coconut,jeera,red chilli / green chilli without water by mixie (give 2-3 pulse of grind thats enough).

1.Heat kadai,add oil ,mustard seeds,when it splutters,add urad dhal,red chilli,onion ,fry till onion looks transparent,curry leaves.Add washed leaves ,sugar and fry for 3-4 mins without covering with lid.Initially leaves left some water,shrinks in volume and cooked by itself with that water.

2.Add coconut mixture after keerai gets cooked.Fry for 2mins till the raw smell leaves.Swich Off the flame.

Notes :
1.Adding sugar is to retain green colour of keerai.(Usually veggeis gets colour change after frying)
2.Always cook keerai in a open pot means dont cover the pot with the lid.

3.Always add salt lastly to the keerai.

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