Dec 3, 2014

Nel Pori Urundai

Pori (Puffed Rice) is a type of puffed grain made from rice,commonly used in breakfast cereal or snack foods,favourite to all the age groups.Nel Pori Urundai is usually prepared during Karthigai Deepam.Karthigai,a tamil month which all the home has lighted with a small Vizhakku in the entrance of home.People usually prepare dishes with freshly harvested ingredients and offer to God.

You can also use usual pori to this recipe but traditionally people offer this day Nelpori to God so i use it.Nelpori urundai is also called Karthigai Pori Urundai.


This is the first time i prepared NelPoriUurundai at home ,it comes out very well.My Man & My Little Prince enjoy eating while i shaping the balls.Actually he took video for this recipe.Thank You.

Nel Pori Urundai Recipe :
Thats it : Make Sugar Syrup – Mix Pori – Roll Balls
Total Time : 35-40 mins
Yields : 20 Balls/Urundais

Ingredients :

Nel Pori
¼ Cup
Sukku / dry ginger
Seesame seeds
Coconut bits


Procedure :

1.Remove the husks from nelpori.Keep it aside.

2.Fry seesame seeds till aroma comes and dont burn it.Add 1 tsp of ghee to the pan ,fry the coconut bits till it browns.Keep aside seeseame seeds,coconut bits,suuku ,elakkai powder aside.

3.Add jaggery and ¼ Cup of water to the pan,heat it till jaggery dissolves.Then strain it to remove the impurities present in jaggery.

4.In a kadai,add strained jaggery water and boil it in low flame till it reaches Soft Ball consistency(One String Consistency)
  *Initially Jaggery water thickens slightly within 2 mins.Carefully check the One string consistency       and dont cross this stage otherwise all effort will be wasted.
i)Take a drop of jaggery water and pour it to the bowl of water.If it dissolves ,you need to boil for         2more mins.If it remains like you pour without dissolving ,now you have to gather the drops and         make it a ball.

ii)Touch the syrup in the ladle with your index finger and make a touch between your thumb,Now you     see the single thread between the fingers.
iii)Scoop the syrup with the ladle and wait for a last drop ,if the last drop downs with the single             thread.
Pick up ur method to check.

5.After reaching One string consistency,immediately switch off the flame and add fried coconut bits,seesame seeds,elakkai powder,sukku powder to the jaggery mixture.Slowly add Nelpori little by little and mix well for the even coating.

6.Now apply ghee to the hands and start making the shapes (Its a bearable heat so go on).Atlast the pori mixture may be harden so heat it up for a min,switch off the flame and do it again.

Nel Pori Urundai is Ready...!

After getting cool store it in air-tight container.

Notes :
1.Checking One string consistency is more important step for binding.
2.I used 1Cup of jaggery ,you may use ¾ Cup too.

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