Dec 11, 2014

Peanut Rice / Verkadalai Sadham

Peanut Rice / Verkadalai Sadham is a very quick recipe and it goes well with even pappad,vadagam or plain.It gives nice flavour.You can prepare it with leftover rice too.Mixed rice is the kids favourite and perfect for lunch pack too.Check out Sweet corn pulao,Methi pulao.We are going to shift next week to Sohar(Oman),so i must consume all the things within this week.So morning when i saw a pack of peanuts in my shelf ,suddenly decided to make peanut tastes yummy and flavours well.Peanuts are used to make  butter,sauce,porridge,rice,chutney,jam,sweetened and salted nuts.

Peanuts :

Health Benifits : Peanuts are rich in vitamins and minerals.Eating peanuts five times a week decreased heart disease and reduced the risk of diabetes,gallbladder disease and colorectal cancer.Peanuts and peanut butter are included on the DASH diet eating plan,which helps lower blood pressure.Peanuts have been found to contain the potent antiaging molecule resveratrol,it can fight the proliferation of fat cells and improve the uptake of sugar from the blood.

Peanut Rice Recipe :
Thats it : Fry Peanuts+ - Dry Grind – Mix Rice
Cooking Time : 20mins
Serves : 2 persons                           

Ingredients :
To Fry & Grind :
½ Cup
Red chillies
5 (used rounded)
Seesame seeds (black/white)
1 tbsp
Coconut grated
Curry Leaves

For Seeding :
Seesame Oil / Ghee
Mustard seeds
Urad dhal
Asafoetida / Perungayam
Curry Leaves
1 Sprig
Cooked Rice
(Basmati/Parboiled Rice)
4 ½ Cups
as needed

Procedure :

1.Heat a pan in medium flame,add peanuts,fry till it browns and raw smell leaves.Keep aside to cool down.Now add seesame seeds,red chilli,coconut and fry till coconut browns.Dont burnt anything as it gives bitter taste.Keep aside.

2.Deskin Peanut: Crush the fried peanuts by 2 palms of your hands except 2tbsp of peanuts for seeding.Now dry grind the coconut mixture coarsely,add deskinned peanuts to it and again grind it coarsely.Dont grind continuously,just give 3-4 pulses otherwise it becomes paste.Keep aside.

3.In a pan,add oil ,mustard,after it splutters,add urad dhal,2tbsp of peanuts,asafoetida,Curry leaves,add cooked rice,ground peanut powder,mix well.Now add seesame oil and Salt.Switch Off the flame.

Peanut Rice is Ready...!

Serve it Hot or warm with Pappad,Vadagam,Chips or any dry curry.

Notes :
1.Deskinning Peanuts are optional.You can also use skinned.
2.Grind coarsely for the better taste.
3.Adding Seesame oil/ghee gives nice flavour to the rice.
4.You can also add 1tbsp of channa dal while seeding.

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