Dec 14, 2014

Ulundhu Kazhi / Ulundhangazhi / Urad dhal Halwa

Ulundhu kazhi / Ulundhangali is a traditional recipe which is made from Black gram dhal(Karupu Ulundhu).Hope you all aware of this tasty kazhi which has been given at the age of puberty in girl’s life journey.Ulundhukazhi,Gingelly oil,eggs plays important healthy role during puberty time.

Traditionally it is made from black gram dhal (karuppu ulundhu),jaggery syrup and served with gingelly oil / ghee, now people used Urad dhal(Deskinned black gram dhal) for this preparation.It can also prepared without jaggery and served with Fish Kuzhambu.’Thuduppu’ is the name called for the lengthy wooden ladle which is specially made for the kazhi mixing and stirring while cooking.

Amma makes this healthy kazhi once in a month for sure,she add fresh coconut milk with this kazhi for extra richer taste.After getting married she used to tell me for preparing Ulundhu Sadham / Ulundhanchoru which is easy.I have planned to do this kazhi for past two months and Vg(my sissy) encourage me to do this.Eventhough she is younger than me,she is so matured in her thoughts and my best friend ever.Last week,when i talked with amma through phone,i asked for this recipe.She gave me and told,”Don’t take too much strain,i prepared and send you this kazhi through your friends”.Vg prepared this kazhi before so she gave me tips and tricks.Finally i made two days back,it turns out well.When i told amma that i made it,she released her valuable tears....Personally i love to taste Kazhi items which is served during post delivery period that is Vendhaya Kazhi(Fenugreek),Poondu Kazhi(garlic),Omakazhi(ajwain) and so on...

Ulundhu Kazhi Recipe :
Thats it : Make Flour – Jaggery Syrup – Mix & Cook
Total Time : 30mins
Serves : 3 Persons

Ingredients :

{Black Gram Dhal / Urad dhal + Raw Rice} =

{½Cup + 1Cup} =
Gingelly oil (Nallennai)
Ginger OR Sukku
1tbsp OR 1tsp
Elakkai pods / powder
2Pods / ¼ tsp
Coconut milk(optional)
1Cup(replace 1Cup water)
a pinch
for serving
Wooden lenghty Ladle
You can also use urid dhal flour and rice flour
with this proportion.

Preparation : [ Cook in Low-Medium Flame ]

1.Flour Making : Heat a pan,seperately dry fry Black gram dhal and raw rice till it browns,keep aside for cool down.Grind it in mixer till its b/w coarse & smooth,simply like a rava(sooji,semolina) texture.

2.Heap a cup of flour and mix it with 2Cups of water(i include coconut milk) without any lumps.(This mixing is to prevent lumps while adding flour to the jaggery mixture and avoid heavy stirring)

3.In a same pan,add jaggery 1Cup water,crushed/sliced ginger,elakkai pods and heat it till jaggery dissolves and start boils.

4.Heat a heavy bottomed pan(i used cooker pan),add a tbsp of gingelly oil and make applying all over the pan by tilting and swirlling.Now add jaggery syrup using strainer to remove impurities.Add 1Cup of water to the jaggery syrup and make it boil.Now slowly add the flour mixture and mix gently.

5.Stir gently,It starts thickening and observes all the water within 3mins.Now add tbsp of gingelly oil now and then.

6.Now the flour leaves ‘Tup’ sound by making bubbles [Mom’s Tip : tup sonuds and looks like a fish opening the mouth(first pic)].Now checking the kazhi consistency,take a ladle of kazhi and dip your water dippped finger to that.If it comes out clean it is perfectly done.Switch Off the flame.

Traditional Ulundhu Kazhi is Ready...!

Serving Suggestions :
 # Grease a bowl with gingelly oil / ghee ,add kazhi and invert it on plate and make a dent in the centre.

# Apply ghee /gingelly oil to ur hands and make balls.

Notes :
1.For the urid flour,you can use black gram dhal(Karuppu ulundhu) OR Urad dhal(Vellai ulundhu) with Raw rice OR store-bought Urid & Rice Flour with same ratio ½ : 1 OR 1:1
2.You can avoid jaggery and add 2tsp of salt for the saltier version.Serve it with Fish kuzhambu OR any non-veg gravies.

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