Dec 10, 2014

Vegetable Pouch/MoneyBag

Vegetable Pouch is nothing but cooked veggies are stuffed inside the Pouch / Money Bag which is to be deep fried. I already posted Chinese style Vegetable Dumplings as Balls.I have started Kids Healthy Snack Idea Series from this week.

My Little Prince is ready to go school,like every mom me too having lots of happiness & worries about lunch time,Systemetic routine,enjoyment.He is a very naughty prince which i have never seen like him before but am excited to watch kids implementation & application of new ideas.Kids always know the tricks to get down mom’s anger with their cute smile.I dont know how he manage his day in a same place without making noise.Its a very big challenge to make kids interest to eat because if they see their one of the dislike ingredients immedietely said “No” to the whole dish without tasting it...I prepared this recipe often in home like spring rolls but with Wheat flour.

Two months back,my man was out of town to Muscat for a week and he bought me a food magazine(Women’s Weekly-Thai) from there.I found very good different recipes there and dont have time to try this because of shifting and all.Last week he asked weather the book is usefull for You? and i realized that he is waiting for the recipes from that book to know my interest.Finally i tried yesterday ,it tastes yummy,Surely its going to be your home favourite.The original recipe is made with Maida(like Momos) and the stuffing is Beef & Prawn.I just altered the recipe to Veggies and tried with wheat four so you can serve this Veg Pouch as kids breakfast / dinner.

Vegetable Pouch / MoneyBag Recipe :
Thats it : Outer dough – Inner stuff – Deep Fry
Cooking Time : 30mins
Makes : 9 nos.

Ingredients :

For Outer Dough :Pouch
Wheat Flour / Maida
¾ tsp
½ Cup -
Ghee / oil
*You can use maida for outer layer and
steam/fry it to get Veg Momos.

For Inner Stuff :
Olive oil / any oil
Green chilli
Spring Onion(white,green)
2tbsp each,strips-9
Big Onion
1½ Cup
¼ tsp
Soy sauce
½ tsp
Tomato sauce(optional)
½ tsp
White / Black Pepper
½ tsp
½ tsp

*You can also use Sambar powder( ½tsp)
instead soy sauce.
*You can also add chicken pcs,Cooked noodles for the stuff.

Procedure :
1.In a bowl,add wheat flour,salt,water and knead it with oil to make soft dough like poori dough.Roll it as thin flat round shape as we do for making chappathi,poori.Chop veggies and make spring onions green part as little chopped and strips too.Keep aside.

Cook in High flame to retain crunchiness
2.In a pan,add oil,garlic,green chilli,spring onion(white),fry for a min,add onion,veggies,sugar,soy sauce, fry for 3mins,add salt and mix well.Sprinkle pepper powder,spring onion(green) and switch off the flame.

3.Now in a rolled poori ,add 1tbsp of stuff and join the edges by taking small fleets back to back for making pouches and tie it with spring onion green strips.(Tieing is optional,You can also just press the gathered edges.Its for kids sake)

VIDEO : How To Fold Veg Pouch ?? 

Cook in Medium flame
4.Deep fry the Pouches till browns(light or thick) because stuffing is cooked and we need to cook outer layer only.

Vegetable Pouch/Money Bag is Ready...!

Serve Hot or Warm with tomato ketch up,sweet clilli sauce,garlic sauce etc.;

Notes :
1.You can use this inner stuff to make fried rice.
2.You can use this stuff with chappathi with butter / cheese as a spring roll.
3.You can skip soy sauce and use sambar powder to make it as indian style.
4.You can use this for kids breakfast / dinner too.
5.You can also do thi with All purpose flour / Maida and steam or deep fry it for Veg Momos.

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