Jan 26, 2015


CHICKEN Gold Coin is a chinese starter dish.Minced Chicken blended with some spicy ingredients patted on the round coin shaped bread and then deep fried.Very easy starter,everyone like this simple yummy dish.I learnt this interesting recipe from TV show and bookmarked two months before.It happened to try last week.I tried this by both Stove-Top & Oven method.Both gives good and crispy taste.Perfect Party Snack.

Surely this will be your kid’s favourite.So i posted under ‘Kid’s Healthy Snack Idea’ series.Small quantity of chicken is enough to have so many Coins(fried chicken patties).Surprise your guests with this different and yummy dish.

CHICKEN Gold Coin Recipe :
Thats it : Mince Chicken – Mix ings.,Stick to bread – Deep Fry
Cooking Time : 30mins
Yields : 10 Coins
Serves : 4 Persons

Ingredients :

10 slices
White Seesame seeds (Ellu/Dil)
Ginger Garlic Paste
Corn Flour / Maida
Soya Sauce
Big Onion
Green Chillies
2 finely chopped
White Pepper powder
½ tsp
Ajinomoto (MSG)
a pinch (Optional)
to fry

Procedure :
1.Mince the chicken pieces by giving 2-3 pulse of grinding in mixie.

2.Make a bread slices a round shaped Coin cut by cookie cutter or by any bottle lid.I used my cup.

3.In a wide bowl,add minced chicken,1Egg,Ginger Garlic paste,Corn flour,Soya sauce,chopped onion,green chillies,white pepper powder,salt,MSG and mix well.
Beat an another egg and brush one side of the bread coin,apply a spoon of chicken mixture to it.Sprinkle white seesame seeds on top of the mixture.
Refrigerate it for 15mins.

4.To FRY :
Heat oil in a kadai,add refrigerated bread coins downwards to the oil and cook for 30secs and flip over,cook for 20secs.After it changes to golden brown colour,drain it in tissue.

Chicken Gold Coin is ready...!!!

ii)By Oven :
Preheat Oven at 200degF(OR HIGH) for 10mins.Grease a tray with little oil and arrange refrigerated bread coins in a it,spray some drops of oil upside and grill it for 15mins at 200degF.

Chicken Gold Coin is Ready...!!!

Notes :
1.Adding just a spoon of chicken mixture to the bread coin is enough otherwise it takes too much time to cook, simultaneously bread gets burnt ,it gives bitter taste..
2.White seesame seeds (Ellu/Dil) & White pepper powder gives flavour of chinese cuisine.If you are not having white seesame seeds ,leave it ,dont use blacker one.It changes the whole flavour of the dish.Black pepper powder is ok.
3.Add 1Egg to the chicken mixture and another beaten one for brushing the bread.
4.If you want this Gold Coin dish as Indian cusine touch,just replace soya sauce with sambar powder and all.
5.Ajinomoto is optional.(I dint used)
6.Coin nos. depends on cutter you used.

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