Jan 23, 2015

Ghee MysorePak Sweet

Ghee MysorePak is a rich sweet which is made from generous amount of sugar and ghee with ChicPea Flour(Kadala Maavu).Old people says that the chef in the Mysore Palace was prepared this yummy sweet first,so it named as MysorePak. Two types of MysorePak are there,Ghee MysorePak which is so soft in texture & the another one is with less ghee,crunchy in texture.Here i posted soft texture MysorePak which is like Sri Krishna Sweets Style.

And am also the big fan of sweets. So it happened to try.Surely its going to be kid’s favorite. The interesting thing about My Little Prince & MysorePak is, If he see the flag of Brazil, he suddenly told its like MysorePak. Nowadays i learnt a lot from him.

I prepared MysorePak before, clicked well perfectly but after that came to know its good & soft in texture and also with  little bitterness & raw smell.So i felt guilty to post the sweet. So again i tried this sweet for New Year. It was a hit, soft in texture, tastes well too. Very easy to prepare if you carefully follow Sugar syrup & flour mixture cooking consistency.

Ghee MysorePak Recipe :

Thats it : Roast Flour – Mix in sugar Syrup – Cook

Cooking Time : 30mins

Yields : 10 thick Pieces

Ingredients :

ChicPea Flour (Kadala Maavu)
1Cup ( ¾ + ¼ )

Procedure :
# Grease a square or rectangle shaped tray with ghee to make MysorePak Pieces.Keep aside.
# Be ready with the ingredients.Melt the ghee. Keep aside.

1. {Very important Step} : Heat a pan in low-medium flame,add 1tbsp of ghee, chicpea flour and roast it for 6 mins must till aroma came.Then sieve the flour.Keep aside.

2. Mix the flour with ¾ Cup of melted ghee without any lumps.It should be in pouring consistency.Keep aside.

3. One String Consistency : In a pan ,add water,sugar,after it dissolves and starts boiling add 1tbsp of milk to it.Now the impurities in the sugar floats on the top as a foamy dusty colour. Just remove the foam with ladle. Boil sugar syrup till it thickens and check the consistency by adding syrup drops in a bowl of water. If it dissolves you need to boil for more minutes. Now check ,if it wont dissolves and able to collect & make a roll by your hands, that is the right consistency. Immediately simmer the flame to low.

4. Now add Flour-ghee mixture slowly to the syrup,stir continuously to blend well.Mixture starts thickens and release bubbles,now you add remaining ¼ Cup of ghee at regular intervals say 3-4 times. Keep on stirring slowly,at one stage it leaves the sides of the pan without sticking to the pan and formed as a whole mass.In this stage you should be able to form the small amount of mixture as a ball.Now Switch off the flame.{Very Important}

5. Now slowly pour the mixture to the ghee greased plate.It spreads evenly.Leave it for 3-4 mins and with a warm temperature you have to cut the pieces diagonally with knife or with pizza cutter. Leave it for 10 mins. After getting cool enjoy this yummy sweet.

Ghee MysorePak is Ready....!

Notes :
1.Roasting the flour for 5-6 mins are so important otherwise it results with the raw smell of the flour.(Happened for me.i roasted 3mins)
2.One-String Consistency & Final flour cooking consistency is very important for the soft texture and taste otherwise it results with bitter taste.
3.You can also reduce the ¼ of ghee with oil.It also tastes gud but not gives very softy texture as like Ghee MysorePak.But be generous with Ghee & Sugar if you choose Ghee Mysorepak because the name itself says its ghee.
4.If you are cautious with diet go for crunchy mysorepak version.Will post it later.
5.Its rich sweetness with generous amount of ghee & Sugar makes you stop with one piece....that is the main thing in Ghee MysorePak. So it is Perfect for Festivals.
6.The MysorePak color is purely depends on the flour.
7.MysorePak piece width depends on your tray. If you use a broader big one, you yields very thin slices.
8.Adding Milk in One-String Consistency is optional.

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