Jan 28, 2015

Salalah (Gulf 's Summer Paradise) - Oman l My Travel Tale

Salalah – Gulf’s Summer Paradise

Salalah is the Capital City of Oman’s southern region called Dhofar.It is located in the coast of Arabian Sea and Second big City of Oman,after Muscat (Capital of Oman). Salalah and Dhofar are historically famous for the frankincense trade and for its Khareef (monsoon) Season of the months June through September.

We came to salalah in 2012 with my 8 months old kid during Khareef time and everything is new for us like all expatriates. Once settled we use to go outing with one of our family friend residing the same city and roam in and aroud Salalah like beaches, mountains, wadis (rivers), falls and festival celebrations etc.,  As a couple,we had a new life experience there without family members. He went office and am busy with nappying my Little Prince and am interested to record everything of him and around by taking snaps and videos. In his sleeping time,my hobbies arises and stepping into my favourite arts,crafts,food photography and all.Sometimes loneliness pushes to share some interesting things to friends that tends to do “Happy Women’s Book” blogging, hope so. We were there for more than two years and want to post all of my foot prints in Oman through my Book in a page of ‘My Travel Tale’.And proudly want to post Oman Spl followed by Salalah.

Why Salalah – Gulf’s Summer Paradise?

In general, Gulf countries use to experience 40 to 50 degree C during June to September at the same time Salalah will experience the monsoon called ‘Khareef’ season locally due to the influence of South-West monsoon and all the dried mountain will go green.Hence all the tourists will visit here from other part of Oman and neighbouring Gulf countries to enjoy the monsoon season. We have experienced the change of climate and season ,realised it why its called summer paradise of Gulf.

Khareef :

Nature of Dancing seawaves which comes some steps forward to touch our feets,Grass covered mountain which looks like a spreaded green blanket,Crowd of different country people at beaches which includes the Barbeque aroma,Drizzling of rain,Roaming of Camels all together called Khareef.Khareef Festival is the big festival here during Khareef season.People around gulf countries flooded here for enjoying this chill climate.Personally i love Al Mughsayl Beach,this is the beach that ever dissapoint to shower its blessings through blowholes in all the seasons.{The above misty picture is taken during Khareef Season in Al Mughsail Beach}

Attractions in Salalah

Al Mughsayl Bay Beach
Al Haffa Beach
Wadi Darbat
Sultan’s Palace
Ayn Razat
Magnetic Mountain
Marneef Cave
Nabi Ayoub’s Tomb
Nabi Umran A.S Tomb
Museum Salalah
Taqah Castle

Salalah Tourism Festival celebrations during Khareef season includes shopping zone,variety of foods.circus,kids entertainment zone,dance,songs and museum also there for displaying their historical uasge of ornaments,working equipments,Home appliance.
And am very happy to click all those things two years before.I must thank My Man who cleared all my doubts regarding this post.My further posts explain all the Oman attractions in detail.

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