Jan 13, 2015

Sakkarai Pongal By Pressure Cooker

Sakkarai Pongal (Chakkarai Pongal) is prepared with raw rice,moong dal& Jaggery.It is prepared during Pongal festival time & also in all the temple(kovil) fuctions,this will be offered by the devotees toGod.Very easy to prepare and taste is also yummy.So many sweet pongal varieties are there like rava sweet pongal,millet sweet pongal and so on.Traditionally,In village side, Pongal is prepared with newly harvested rice during Pongal festival to thank the Sun God. It can be prepared in Sand / Clay Pot & also in Brass Pot (Vengalapaanai) with a decoration of paints.But today we are modernized our cooking,by that way, cooker pongal takes place in every home.

Happy Pongal...!!!

Pongal Consistency : It should not be stick into the ladle tightly.If you invert the ladle it should be gently moved.

Am proudly say that variety of competitions held in villages during this festival. Yes...!in my village too. Pongal festival reminds me the first thing is Amma’s kolam(floor drawing). Yes she is very good in paintings, craft making & participated in competitions too. I remembered that amma draw a larger paintings(Kolam) on the floor using paints inside the home.In Entrance, she draw a larger one with rice flour.

Beginner also try this sweet pongal without any hesitation. Seeding part is different by every home. I gave all the ing. , you choose related to your tastebud.Actually i clicked the stepwise pictures last pongal itself and missed to take final one. So i prepared it for this new year and successfully posted now.

Sakkarai Pongal Recipe :
Thats it : Cook Rice & dal – Add Jaggery & Cook – Seeding
Preparation Time : 30mins
Serves : 5-6Persons
VIDEO : Sakkarai Pongal 

Ingredients :

Raw Rice / Pacharisi
Moong dal / Siruparupu / Paasiparupu
(split yellow variety)
Crushed Jaggery / Vellam
1 1/2 Cup 
Cardamom / Elakkai
3pods or ½ tsp
5Cups + 2Cups
Ghee / Nei

Seeding :
Cashew nuts / Mundhiri Paruppu (broken)
Raisins / Ular thiratchai
Dry ginger powder / Sukku Podi
½ tsp
Nutmeg Powder / Jaadhikai podi
2pinch {OPTIONAL}
Cloves / Krambu
Edible Camphor / Pachai Karpooram

Preparation :
1.Heat a cooker pan in a low flame,add moong dal and fry for 2mins till the aroma wafts and before changing its colour.Remove the pan from the flame,add raw rice and wash it off.Now add 5cups of water,2pinches of salt(optional),1tsp of ghee(optional) and close the lid.Pressure cook for 5whistles in medium flame.After pressure releases mash it well.
[2whistles in medium flame,3whistles in low flame]
{Instead of frying dal you can wash,soak rice & dal together for 20mins and pressure cook for 5whistles}

2.Meanwhile,heat a pan with jaggery,2Cups of water,cardamom pods till jaggery dissolves then cook for 2mins.Strain the jaggery water to remove the impurities in it.Add the jaggery syrup to the mashed rice.Now mix the rice till it blends with jaggery syrup.

3.Cook the mixture till the rice absorps all the jaggery water &start leaving the sides of the cooker pan.It takes 3-4mins.

Heat a seeding pan in low flame,add ghee,cashews,cook for a min till it reaches brown colour, dont burn it. Then add raisins, after it puffs up, switch off and add nutmeg powder.Add to the pongal mixture,now sprinkle Sukku powder,edible camphor give a stir.Switch Off The Flame.

Sakkarai Pongal is Ready...!

Notes :
1.Cook in low-medium flame otherwise it immedietly becomes dry.In that case,you can add little ½ Cup of water or milk.
2.If you add cardamom powder, add before adding fried cashews.
3.If you are adding clove  add while seeding raisins.
4.If you are using edible camphor, add mentioned quantity.
5.After cools down the sakkarai pongal mixture thickens. So if you want your pongal should be moisture, switch off before leaving the sides of the pan.But you must cook for atleast four mins otherwise taste will not blend and raw smell of jaggery came.
6.The colour of the pongal depends on the colour of jaggery.

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