Jan 23, 2015

Vanilla Sponge Cake (Eggless Version)

Sponge Cake is a soft textured cake with different flavours.Surely its going to be kids favourite.Perfect Party cake and tea-time snack too...I baked this cake two weeks before for My Man’s Bday with Candy Crush theme Icing.He is so surprised with his favourite game theme & tastewise too.Every year i prepared cake for his bday even by Stove-top,Gas-Oven before buying Electric Oven.Now with my new Oven i bake this cake.It turns out good in both texturewise & tastewise.

You are not having an oven,dont worry,you can bake this cake by using cooker also.

Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe :
Thats it : Mix ing. – Preheat & Bake – Cool it
Preparation time : 15mins
Baking Time : 40-45mins
Yields : One 9”inch Cake

Ingredients :   
Maida / All-Purpose Flour (APF)
Curd / Plain Yogurt
Powdered Sugar
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
2 ½tsp
Butter (Room temp) / Cooking Oil (Flavourless)
Vanilla Essence

Preparation :

# Keep ready the ingredients in one place.

1.In a wide bowl,add Curd,powdered sugar and beat well with Whisker or by electric hand mixer till sugar dissolves and mixture looks creamy.Now add Baking Powder,baking Soda and mix well.Keep aside for 5mins.

2.Meanwhile,Preheat oven for 15mins at 200 degree C.Sieve Maida to remove lumps present in it.Greasea baking tray with butter,dust 1 tsp of Maida & shake well the tray to well spread.Remove extra flour from the tray,keep aside.

3.Now the Curd & sugar mixture looks frothy / foamy with bubbles.Add vanilla essence,Oil to it and mix well.

4.AddSalt,Maida little by little and mix well gently till creamy in texture.Pour it in the greased tray.After Preheating is done,Keep the tray inside the oven.Bake it for 40mins at 180 degree C.

5.After 40 mins just STOP the Oven and insert the toothpick at the centre of the cake.

i)if it comes out clean,then rest it for 5 mins then invert the cake & leave it for cool.Then Enjoy the slices with your tea.
ii)if toothpick comes out with flour mixture,just it for 5mins.(If your cake browns well without cooking inside then wrap the cake pan with aluminium foil and bake)

Vanilla Sponge Cake is Ready...!

Notes :

1.You can use melted butter at room temperature instead of Oil,but mix while adding sugar.
2.You can add any flavourless cooking oil,it wont affect the taste.
3.I bake 9”inch cake,if you are going to bake smaller size just reduce the preheating time to 10mins and cook for 30mins.
4.You can also use this mixture for cup cakes.
5.If you want your cake to be brown colour on top,just STOP the oven and brush the cake with 1tbsp of milk.
6.You can also use butter paper / parchment paper in the tray before pouring the cake mixture.
7.Will Post it soon :
You can bake this cake using cooker also.
Preheating :Heat a cooker pan with a steel / aluminium plate inside,close the lid (dont use the gasket and whistle vent for this baking) with medium flame for 5mins.
Cake Baking :Then place the butter greased aluminium tray with batter inside the cooker without touching the sides.Close the lid.Heat it for 30-40mins.Its better to use 1/3 of the above recipe as a small cake.
----For the steel plate ,i used the plate which comes along with the rice cooker.If you are not having,then place dosa tawa,under the cooker and directly place the batter tray to the cooker pan.
8.Will Post it Soon :
For Egg Version,Use Maida / APF 1Cup,Butter 1Cup,Powdered Sugar 1Cup,Baking Powder 1tsp,Eggs 2,Vennila essence 1tsp,Salt Pinch.
i)Beat Eggs well till foamy.
ii)Beat Powdered Sugar & butter till creamy,add egg mixture,vennila essense and mix well.
iii)Add baking powder and mix,add Maida little by little,Mix gently till creamy.Bake it.

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