Feb 23, 2015

Cup Corn Chaat

Cup Corn Chaat is a favourite chaat to all age groups of  people,especially kid-friendly chaat.Nowadays Kids came to know this healthy Cup Corn from Malls and Cinema theatres atleast.However it may be,but it is very good for our health.Cup Corn is a unique blend of spices with the steamed corn which tastes hot and spicy.You can prepare this healthy corn and surprise your kids when they returned from school.You can buy whole corn from the markets and seperate the kernels for this Cup Corn OR go with frozen corn kernels.

In my home,we love steamed corn and never forget to taste when we went to malls and theatres.I prepared in home many times.Eventhough its a very simple snack by preparation,Initially i was struggled to get the perfect taste like which we got from stalls.After that,i used to notice the ingredients when they mix 4-5 items very faster.There is a minor difference in blending of spices and tastewise too.When we were in salalah,doubtedly i asked for the ingredients to the stall person in the super market which is next to my apartment,to my surprise immediately he told me the ingredients.

Cup Corn Chaat (Masala Corn Chaat)
Thats it : Steam / Cook Corn Kernels – Blend With Spices
Total Time : 10mins
Serves : 2Persons

Ingredients :

Sweet Corn Kernels / Frozen Sweet Corn
1 ½ Cup
½ Cup
Chilli Powder
½ tsp
Chaat Masala
½ tsp
Pepper Powder (OPTIONAL)
¼ tsp
Lemon Juice
½ Lemon
½ tsp

Preparation :

# Keep ready with the corn kernels.I used frozen sweet corn.

[If you are using whole corn,seperate it as corn kernels.
If you are having corn in loose pack,cook for 8-10mins OR pressure cook for 2whistles]

By Stove-Top :
Rinse corn kernels once.In a cooker,add water,salt and cook it by closing the lid.Cook in medium flame about 4-5mins.Stir occasionally.Switch Off the flame.[OR Pressure cook for 1whistle]Drain the water completely.
Now add butter,spice powders and squeeze juice from ½ lemon.Mix well and serve hot.

By Oven :
Take sweet corns in a microwave bowl,add water,salt and microwave it for 3mins.Then drain the water and reserve it.Add butter,spice powders and squeeze juice from ½ lemon.Mix well and serve hot.

Notes :
1.Reserve the drained water for kneading chappathi.
2.Little amount of water is enough for steaming.
3.I used frozen corn so only it takes lesser time to soften otherwise cook for some more time.
4.Adjust spice levels according to your(kids) tastebud.
5.Mix the ingredients while serving for the best results.Serve hot.
6.Sourness and salt should be milder than spice levels.
7.Steam corns rather cooking.

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