Feb 1, 2015

Dosai Pizza (Veggie)

Pizza Dosai ,name that sounds interesting know? Pizza dosai is a very yummy dish which children madly loves it for its cheesy taste.I prepared this often for My Little Prince’s breakfast.It gives me double happiness with his intake of dosai and veggies at a time.

Surprise your loved ones evening time with this healthy yummy pizza.Surely it takes little time than your door delivery pizza.The three things , you must need is Dosa batter (preferrably fresh),Sauce and cheese.Veggies are purely your optional.You can use veggies as like that raw with small fine pieces otherwise you need to saute it for 3-4mins.

Dosai Pizza (Veggie) Recipe :
Thats it : Dosai – Spread Veggies – Cook
Total Time : 20mins
Serves : 1 Medium Pizza
Ingredients :

Idly-Dosai Batter
Fresh Batter (Preferrably)
Tomato Sauce
You can also use Pizza sauce / Pasta sauce
1 big flake
Finely chopped
¾ Cup
Finely Chopped
(Onion,Capsicum,Sweet corn,mushroom,Paneer,Olives)
Grated Cheese

Chilli flakes
½ tsp
Chilli sauce ½ tbsp by reducing same amount of tomato sauce.OR You can also use green chilli finely chopped
Pepper powder
½ tsp
You can also use sprinkle Oregano(Pizza flavouring spice)
½ tsp
for drizzling

Optional Step :
If you want to use mushroom and big veg pieces,just saute them for 3-4mins for better results.
¾ Cup

Preparation :
1.Heat a pan with medium flame,add oil,chopped garlic pcs,then all the veggies at a time.Saute for 3mins without getting burnt.Sauting in medium flame retain its crunchiness.

2. Cook in a Low Flame : Heat a dosai pan ,pour 2ladles of batter,let it spread by itself like we do for uthhappam(dont spread it by hands).Drizzle a tsp of oil around the dosa.Now see the bubbles at the top of the dosas.

3.After dosai cooked,Spread tomato sauce on the top of the dosa,spread veggies,cover with lid for 3mins then add grated cheese,cook covered for 2mins..Now Switch off the flame.Now dosai base looks crisp and top looks soft.Just sprinkle Chilli flakes,Oregano and Serve hot.

Dosai Pizza is Ready ...!!!

Cut Pizza into wedges by pizza cutter OR knife.Serve with tomato sauce.

Notes :
1.Fresh batter works best for the softness.
2.If you are not having Oregano,just use sprinkle pepper powder.
3.For chilli flakes,dry grind the dried red chillies into the blender by giving 3pulses OR you can use chopped green chillies.
4.Personally I like sauting veggies.If you are using very finely chopped veggies,go ahead.In that case,You cook covered for 4mins and then open the lid,spread grated cheese,Cook covered for 2mins.
5.Adding garlic gives nice flavour.
6.Whole process should be cooked in low flame.
7.It suits well for kids breakfast,lunch,dinner and snacks too.

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