Feb 13, 2015

Heart Shaped Earrings - Quilling l Arts & Crafts (DIY)

Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled,shaped and glued together to creative designs.The paper strips rolled,looped,twisted,curled using a tool called quilling needle.Then the coil is released and glued at the tip and then shaped ,manipulated to create for decorating greeting cards,boxes,jewellery etc.

Quilling is an paper art which moves hot in today's market in various forms.I am very happy to start my favourite Arts & Crafts (DIY) session.This paper craft is very easy if you learn the basics,after that ,your creativity works more.Making crafts is my lovely hobby which involves drawing,making fotoframe,stitching,painting etc.My shopping thirst always focussing on kitchen gadgets and craft materials.Vg (my sissy) is my craft guru.She attended professional course in jewellery making.She gifted me her crafts,a dozen of jhumka earrings ,quilling kit during my last vocation.So i learnt quilling basics from her.I bought arts & craft materials from Theni through my friend Hema,during my last vocation trip to India.She was an amazing person,after knowing my craft interest ,she suggested her favourite craft shop.Yes ...her home also decorated with her beautiful craft works.I want this post as Valentine's day special post,so start with heart-shaped earrings.I planned to post Quilling Basics in upcoming posts.Now i start with heart-shaped earrings.

Things Needed :

Orange Colour Paper Strips  - 3 (1/4 ")

Yellow Colour Paper strips    - 3 (1/4 ")
Slotted Quilling Tool               - 1
Earring Hooks
Design Board
Fine-Tip Glue Bottle 

Heart-Shaped Earrings Making :

1.Keep ready with the required Items .

2.Take a strip of orange paper and fit one end by placing the softer side downwards(which showed outer after rolling) into slotted quilling tool which has a slit into the tip of the tool.
Tight Roll : Start rolling the paper anti-clockwise till the end by gently holding by index finger and thumb finger.
Closed Coil :Now without releasing and tight pressing take out the coil from the tool and place into your desired size of round shape to design board and release it.Take out the loosed coil carefully without changing its shape,glue the paper end to inside paper.

3.Do this same quilling Tight Roll & Closed Coil shaping process for another 1 orange and 2 yellow strips.Now we have 4closed coils with 2different colours.

4.Now we have 1orange &1yellow paper strips remaining.Cut each strips with two 5cms length paper strips.Now you have 2orange  & 2yellow strips of 5cms length.Glue it orange and yellow together by placing the one ends.Do it again for another two clours also.Do Tight Roll process for the both strips and glue it.[This is for holding the hook rings]

5.For getting heart shape,we need to do ShapedTeardrop which comes from Teardrop quilling shape :

Teardrop :Take the closed coil and press tightly in one end.
ShapedTeardrop :By pressing the end just point it for towards by pushing.

Do this for 4closed coils.
6.Now paste two different colour coils together like in this picture which tends to get heart shape.

7.Now take the small Tight rolls which we did in our 4th step.Place the hook rings inside and close the rings by pressing your hands.Glue the hanging Tight Rolls to the top of the heart shape.Leave it for five mins which results better binding.

 Heart-Shaped Quilled Earrings are Ready...!!!

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