Feb 27, 2015

Kambu Idly-Dosai [Kambu-Pearl Millet]

Kambu / Pearl Millet is a healthy millet which provides healthy nutrients to our body. I used to add pearl millets in our diet once in a two weeks by making khool / kanji for weekend breakfast OR Idly-Dosai.Practising the intake of millets to our kids,makes them healthier and develops their immune system.I packed this as mini kambu idly / coin kambu dosai to Gautham's tiffin box with his fav side dish.

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Here,am not getting the pearl millet flour in stores,so i used to buy whole grain pearl millet.Kambu idly-dosa batter is very easy to prepare like our normal idly-dosai batter.I prepare this kambu batter and used it for our breakfast.First day i prepare idly OR paniyaram and the second day dosai.Here,am using mixie for my batter grinding,it gives me best results till now.These proportions are very less in quantity,so you can use mixie for grinding the batter.You can also make kambu paniyaram with this batter.

Kambu / Pearl Millet Idly-Dosai :
Thats it : Soak millet,rice,dal – Grind – Fermentation
Serves : 3Persons 

Ingredients :

Kambu / Pearl Millet 1 Cup   
Idly rice / Puzhungal arisi 1 Cup   
Whole Urad dhal / Muzhu ulundhu 1/2 Cup  (Skinless)
Fenugreek / Vendhayam        1tsp   
Salt 2tsp  

Preparation :

Batter Preparation :
1.Soak pearl millet grains,rice,dal and fenugreek together for 3hours.

2.Gind with little water till the batter looks grainy in consistency like fine rava(like idly-dosai batter).Batter looks grey in colour.Add salt to the batter and keep it undisturbed for fermentation.It takes 8-10hours for fermentation.

* Idly Preparation :
Boil water in idly steamer,meanwhile grease the idly mould with a dash of ghee/sesame oil.Fill kambu batter in each dents and keep the plates carefully inside the idly pot.Close it with the lid.Steam it for 8mins or umtil the toothpick/knife comes out clean when u insert at the center of the cooked idlies.

After cooked,rest the plates outside for a minute and scoop out with wet spoon/knife,it comes out clean.

* Dosai Preparation :
Heat a dosai pan with medium heat.Mix the batter and spread it by swirling.Drizzle oil to the sides of the dosai,wait for 30secs.Flip over to the other sides and cook for 30secs.Serve it hot.

Kambu dosai is ready ...!!!

Serving Suggestions :
# Sambar
# Coconut Chutney
# Tomato Chutney
# Idly-dosai podi

Notes :
You can also use this fresh batter to make Idly and Paniyaram too.

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