Feb 16, 2015

Mini Wheat Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza is a healthy pizza version.Kids love pizzas a lot for its cheesy toppings,so this wheat base is a happy trick for moms to treat their kids / family.You can make the pizza base and store it in freezer and cook pizza when you wish to surprise them.Make cute mini pizzas for more attraction of kids. 

You can top the pizza base with finely chopped healthy veggies (OR chicken chunks) which includes their favourite & also dislike veggies and hide it with cheese.Melting cheese makes them not to investigate about veggies.

Wheat Veggie Pizza :
Thats it : Pizza Base – Toppings – Bake
Total Time : 15mins
Serves : 1kid

Ingredients :

Tomato & Pizza Sauce
Instead use pasta OR tomato sauce only
½ Cup
Your wish to use.
Panneer Cube
Cut into small pieces
Greated cheese
½ Cup

1 shake
Instead Pepper powder
Chilli flakes
2 pinches
Instead Chaat / Tandoori masala

Preparation :
# Be ready with wheat pizza base at room temperature for atleast 30mins-1hr..Check Out here for the homemade wheat pizza...Whole Wheat Pizza Base.

# Preheat oven at 180deg.Meanwhile,chop veggies and ready with ingredients.

Grease a tray with oil / butter.Spread tomato and pizza sauce to the base.Arrange all the veggies,panneer by fully covered the base.Bake it for 4mins at preheated oven.Then stop the oven and sprinkle cheese generously,Chilli flakes (OR chaat/tandoori masala).Bake it for 1-2mins OR till the sides of the pizza base & cheese start browning.Inside part is softer and outer rim looks crispy.

Mini Wheat Veggie Pizza is Ready...!!!

Make Wedges,Serve with Tomato sauce

Notes :
1.Dont over bake,it looks dry and you missed the gooey texture of cheese thats the reason i add it at last 2mins of baking.
2.You must give pizza base a resting time at room temperature for atleast 30mins when you take out from freezer OR you can defrost it by oven.If you cook a base without thawing ,it leads to get crispier base.
3.For a flavouring & spiciness part,if you have oregano,chilli flakes use it Otherwise sprinkle Chaat / Tandoori masala & Pepper powder to pizza.
4.You can also add mushroom,baby corn,olives.

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