Feb 15, 2015

Pizza Dough & Base (100% Wheat , 0% Maida)

Homemade Pizza Dough using whole wheat flour is very easy and healthy version too.We all love pizzas for its cheesy textured toppings.After enjoyed eating Pizza,we felt guilty for its maida base and planned for food diet immedietely,but after digestion we forgot,right???.So this Whole Wheat Pizza is an amazing way which satisfies you in both tastewise and healthwise.I googled a lot for this recipe and finally prepared by adding crushed garlic.

Possible Pizza Dough Proportions

All Purpose Flour (Maida)
Whole Wheat Flour
All Purpose Flour(Maida) , Wheat Flour
50% , 50%
Wheat Flour , All Purpose Flour
75% , 25%

Adding garlic gives nice flavour to the pizza.I planned to post this healthy wheat base pizza under ‘Kids Healthy Snack Idea’ tomorrow.

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough & Base :
Thats it : Make a Dough - Rest - Bake
Preparation Time :10mins
Soaking Time : 1hr
Baking Time : 7mins
Yields :2medium Pizza Base

Ingredients :

Whole Wheat Flour
1 ¾ Cup
Instant Yeast
¾ tsp
½ tsp
Garlic (Powder OR Paste OR Crushed)
Hot Water
½ Cup+
Olive Oil / Any veg oil

If you are using active dry yeast,add 1¼ tsp to warm water and keep aside for 10mins.Now it looks foamy with bubbles,which is the step to prove yeast that is active.[for instant yeast there is no need to prove,just add with wet ingredients]

Preparation :
# Keep ready with the ingredients.
# Prepare hot water.

1.In a bowl,add instant yeast,salt,sugar,garlic paste,oil,wheat flour and roughly mix it.Then add hot water and knead it well about 3mins.

2.Keep aside for one hour without disturbing it.After an hour,it doubles in size then knead it for 2mins.Divide the dough as per your preference.

3.Dust the flour and pat the dough for pizza base by hands or by rolling using rolling pin.Prick the dough by fork to prevent puffing.

By Hands :
By Rolling Pin :

4.Preheat the Oven at 180deg.Place the base in baking tray,it wont moved around.Bake it for 7mins OR till the pizza base start moving gently from the pan when you tilt it and stiff too.
Cool it and store it in freezer with zip-locked cover.It stays for 4days in freezer and 2days in refrigerator.

6.When you want pizza for serving,cool it at room temperature then top your favourite ingredients and bake for 6mins.

Whole Wheat Pizza base is Ready...!!!

You can instantly make your pizzas after pricking[STEP 2] by arranging the ingredients on the top of the base.Bake in preheated oven for 12mins OR till edges start browning.

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