Feb 5, 2015

Poha / Aval Halwa (Using brown poha)

Poha (Flattened rice flakes in English,Poha in Hindi) ia s rice which is beaten or pounded into flat light dry flakes.Poha is a primary source of carbohydrates.It is also rich in iron,vitamin B1,protein and antioxidants.Poha is also advisable for lactating women for their infant weaned from breastmilk.Here,i use brown poha for this Halwa which is from brown rice.You can prepare this quickly with the yummy taste.

Yesterday evening My Little Prince asked me halwa 3-4times with the name of brown halwa.I didnt get that and ask him ‘is that Carrot Halwa?’.He said ,’No,you gave me in our salalah(old) home, that halwa’.Finally got striken with wheat halwa,i prepared 3times before,his favourite too.For making that,we need to soak wheat/wheat flour for getting wheat milk...so i planned to prepare with brown poha which remains longer in my shelf.Getting confused with the difference between Keasari & Halwa,so asked my friends by sending a message in whatsapp.Usually Keasari is prepared without milk.So i planned to add milk to make this halwa.

I just prepared like usual halwa procedure.i was having a doubt how it would taste and smell?.I used only 3tbsp of ghee and addition of  milk gives rich taste to this halwa.I was so surprised with the results.We enjoyed a lot with this healthier brown poha halwa.

Poha / Aval Halwa Recipe
Thats it : Roast Poha – Add Milk,Sugar - Cook
Total Time : 20mins
Serves : 4Persons

Ingredients :

Poha / Aval ( i used Brown Poha )
Cardamom OR Saffron strands
½ tsp OR 7strands
Red Food Colour
Cashews (broken)
Raisins   (optional)

If you are using brown poha,it will not give your
desired colour as much but it thickens the colour brown.
Red colour gives me nice brown colour halwa.

Preparation :
1.Heat a pan in medium flame,add 2tbsp ghee,broken cashews,raisins.After it turns to golden brown colour,keep aside.

2.In the same pan,add poha and fry for 3mins.ccol it and grind it to coarse mixture like rava (sooji/semolina) texture by mixie.

3.Heat the same pan,add water,milk,make it to start boil.After boiling add coarse Poha to it,now some lumps found but no need to worry,we already roasted well..Stir it and cook for 3-4mins by closing the lid.[Cook in low flame after closing the lid]

4.Now it absorps all the liquid then add sugar,cardamom,food colourStir well for the better mix.It became little watery now because of sugar melting.And it start thickens,add remaining 1tbsp of ghee.Wait till the whole mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan.Now add fried cashew,raisins and stir once.
Switch off the flame.

Poha Halwa is Ready ...!!!

1.Grinding poha is optional.You can add milk & water to the fried poha after it fried and cook closed with the lid.
2.If you are using saffron,you just soak it in warm milk for 10 mins and start boiling.
3. If you are using brown poha,it will not give your desired colour as much but it thickens the colour brown.Red colour gives me nice brown colour halwa.[But for white poha,you can get your desired colour]
4.Coaresely grind mixture gives grainy texture to the halwa.

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