Feb 18, 2015

Raffaello Candy

Raffaello Candy is a coconut-almond candy balls which is a unique blend of an almond surrounded by a fine milk cream,then covered with a crisp,delicate wafer and sprinkled with shredded coconut.The perfect gift pack for your friends and family during happy occasions.You can prepare this candy within few mins and treat your loved ones.

When i was searching for this recipe,i found Raffaello With Condensed Milk,Raffaello With Waffles recipes.I had condensed milk at home that time So i went with this recipe.I always wondered about how the milk cream filled inside the wafer balls???.Finally,Am here with the version of Raffaello candy using condensed milk which is richer in taste.

I prepared this candies for Valentines day.Raffaello Candies are favourite to me and My Little Prince.so i planned this to treat him.After started making cookies at home,he asked chocolates too,So it happened to try.This is my first homemade chocolate too,one of my dreams were perfectly done.My Man enjoyed and appreciated me too.

Raffaello Candy :
Recipe Reference : CulinaryWishes
Thats it : Mix ings. – Make Balls – Chill it
Making Time : 25mins
Yields : 18 Big Candies
Shelf Life : 1week

Ingredients :

Sweetened Condensed Milk
Melted Butter
Powdered Sugar
Dessicated Coconut Flakes
100gms + 50gms
Roasted Almonds

Preparation :

# Melt the butter,keep aside for cool down.
# Powder ½ Cup of sugar by grinding in mixie.
# Keep ready with all the ingredients.

1.Mix melted butter(at room temp) and powdered sugar well till creamy in texture.

2.Add condensed milk and stir well,then add dessicated coconut(100gms) mix thouroughly.

3.Check the consistency of balls to make shaping balls.if its too loose in consistency,keep under refrigeration for 30mins.
4.Now the mixture hardens,Scoop mixture to shape the balls,insert 1almond,shape well.Now coat well by dessicated coconut flakes.

5.Arrange it in box and keep under refrigeration.Enjoy it for a week.

Pack of Raffaello Candy is ready...!!!

Serve with Cupcake Papers while Gifting & Serving.

Notes :
1.If the consistency is too watery add more coconut flakes and check OR keep it under refrigeration for 30mins.After chilled,it hardens and easily holded a shape.
2.Once the candies are ready,refrigerate it for hardening and also for a week shelf life.
3.Roasting almonds are optional,you can use sliced almonds too.

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