Feb 3, 2015

Ragi Idly-Dosai Recipe

Ragi (Finger Millet) is a complete multi-nutritional food supplement which is rich in fiber,proteins,calcium and other minerals.Ragi foods are considered as a staple foods by the people who want to lose weight.Pediatricians recommend ragi foods to the people who suffered from diabetes and also to infants who needs all the nutritional supplement for the better growth.

I used to cook ragi dishes once in a week in a form of Idly-Dosai OR Kanji(Porridge) OR Pakkoda OR Paniyaram,this habit starts when My Little Prince crosses 6th month.Ragi and Kambu(Pearl Millet) are the only millets which always placed in our food schedule atleast.Eventhough am a picky eater ,proudly say that I start loving these kind of traditional foods from my childhood because of my Village residential.So am getting more chances to taste granny’s traditional foods.Old People prefer millets for their good and better health that is the main reason they behave like 50 and looks 90 by the ages.

Ragi Idly-Dosai are prepared by whole ragi grain or by its flour.I used to buy ragi flour once in a month and i used in many dishes.When i grind Idly-Dosai batter,just partition it by half and mix ragi flour.After fermenting i used it for making Ragi-Idly,Dosai,Paniyaram.I prepared batter using Mixie and the proportion is 3Cups-Idly Rice,1Cup-Urad dhal,Fenugreek(Vendhayam)-1tbsp.Initially i was trying to make idlies 2times by adding ragi flour but it turns hard so always started making dosa & Paniyaram.After a long time,i roughly tried this proportion without any hope ,but surprisingly Idly turns so soft as like our white Idly.You can also add ragi flour to the fermented batter and start making your instant idly-dosai dishes.But fermented has its complete nutrition so prefer this method,rarely i go for instant version.I love the simple way of Ragi batter method by partitioning.Check Out my Idly-Dosai Batter by Mixie.

Ragi Idly-dosai Recipe :
A)Batter Partition Method :
Thats it : Partition Idly-Dosai Batter – Add Ragi Flour – Ferment it
Serves : 3Persons

*Mixie Proportion of  Rice : Dhal,Fenugreek(1tbsp) : Ragi flour = 3 : 1 : 1 
(Partition half of the batter)
*Grinder Proportion of Rice : Dhal,Fenugreek(1tbsp) : Ragi Flour = 4 : 1 : 1 
(Partition 1/3 rd of the batter)

Partition the batter,add ragi flour,salt and mix well.Cover it,keep aside for 10-12hrs for fermentation.

B)Seperate Ragi Batter Method :
Thats it : Make Batter – Add Ragi Flour – Ferment it
Serves : 3Persons
Ingredients :
Idly Rice / Parboiled Rice (Puzhungal Arisi)
1 ½ Cup

Whole Urad dhal (White skinless) / Muzhu Vellai Ulundhu
½ Cup
Fenugreek seeds(Vendhayam)
1 tsp
Ragi Flour

Wash Rice and dhal,fenugreek and soak it seperately for 3hrs.Grind rice with little water till it looks fine rava (Semolina) consistency.Keep aside.Now grind dhal,fenugreek with little water till it turns smooth and fluffy.Mix rice,dhal,rice flour,salt well.Ferment it for 8-12hrs.Then it will be ready for your Idly-dosai.

Ragi Idly :

*Stir the batter after fermenting.Grease your Idly moulds using Oil / Ghee and fill it by batter.
*Place the idly stands in water steaming pot.Close and steam it for 10-12minsnwith medium flame.
*After 10mins,just reduce the flame and prick the centre of the idly using toothpick or knife.If it comes out clean,Switch off the flame otherwise cook again for another 2mins.
*After idly is cooked,take it out the idly stands,rest it for 2mins.Then scoop the idlies with the water wet spoon.
*Now it comes out clean.

Ragi Idly is ready...!!!

Notes :
1.Reduce the flame while checking the consistency of idly to prevent from hot vapour.
2.You can also use clothes for idly steaming instead greasing methods.
3.Place the idly moulds to the pot after the water start boils.
4.You can also add chopped onion,chilli,curry leaves,coriander leaves and make ragi paniyarams with this batter.

Ragi Dosai :

*Stir and add little water to the fermented batter.
*Now heat a dosa pan in medium flame by greasing little oil.
*Pour the dosa batter and swirl it,drizzle oil around it.
*Wait for 1min,now it cooked 3/4th portion ,flip over and cook for ½ min.*Then Take it from the pan.

Ragi Dosai is ready...!!!

Notes :
1.You can also spread dosa without adding water,i love this way.
2.Crispiness depends on your thin swirling(spreading) of dosai.

Serving Suggestions :
Coconut chutney
Tomato based chutney

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