Feb 11, 2015

Strawberry Shortbread Cookies

Valentine’s day is around the corner so i planned heart-shaped cookies to treat you all.Shortbread cookies are very easy to prepare and tastes yummy too.It is a type of biscuit traditionally made from one part sugar,two parts butter and three parts flour.

I prepared this cookies yesterday afternoon.My Little Prince was so surprised to see this cute heart-shaped cookies.These cookies are so soft in texture.You can make this cookies more healthier with the replacement of whole wheat flour.To make it crispier,corn flour will be added.If you dont have an oven don’t worry,bake it by cooker.Adding food colour is optional,i added for two reasons with the thought of Valentine’s day and also its apt for strawberry cookie.
                      Try this easy cookies for this Valentine’s Day...!!!!

Strawberry Shortbread Cookies Recipe :
Thats it : Make Dough – Chill it – Bake
Total Time : 30mins + Chilling Time 30mins
Yields : 25 Cookies

Ingredients :
Maida (APF) OR Whole Wheat flour
½ Cup
Powdered Sugar
¼ Cup
Strawberry Essence
½ tsp
Food Colour (OPTIONAL)

For Crispiness,Add ¼ Cup of corn flour
by replacing ¼ Cup of Maida / Whole Wheat flour.

Preparation :

  # Sift the flour and salt together and keep aside.
  # Make sure that butter is at room temperature.Dont melt.
  # Grind 4-5tbsp of sugar in mixie,it yields ¼ Cup of powdered sugar.

1.Beat butter and sugar till fluffy and smooth,it takes atleast 3mins.

2.Add strawberry essence,food colour and mix well.

3.Now add sifted Maida / Whole Wheat Flour,Salt to it.Gently mix and make a dough.Wrap it in cover and refrigerate it for 30mins.

4.Take the dough,roll as  ¼ inch thickness in flour sprinkled surface.Cut with any cookie cutter of your choice otherwise go with round shape.
Preheat the oven at 180deg.
Place the cookies in butter greased tray and bake it for 14-15mins(till the sides start browning).

5.Cool it and store it in air-tight container.

Strawberry Shortbread Cookies are ready...!!!

Notes :
1.You can add any of your favourite essence OR crushed jeera(1/2 tsp) OR powdered Cinnamon / Pattai (1/4 tsp) for flavouring.
2.Wheat flour also tastes good.Adding cornflour is optional for retaining crispiness.
3.You can refrigerate after shaping also that means after cutting by cookie cutter.
4.Adding salt is to lift the sweet taste.
5.The texture is so soft when it baked,after it completely it becomes crisp
6.For Cooker Cookies :
Preheating : Heat a cooker pan with a steel / aluminium plate inside,close the lid (dont use the gasket and whistle vent for this baking) with medium flame for 5mins.
Cookie Baking :Then place the butter greased aluminium tray with cookies inside the cooker without touching the sides.Close the lid.Heat it for 15-20mins with medium heat.
After 10mins of baking just open it.if it start browns at the sides,switch off the flame and cool it.Enjoy.

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