Mar 5, 2015

How To Cut Tapioca / Cassava ?

Tapioca is familiar with the english names cassava,tapioca plant,manioc.Originally the root vegetable name is Cassava and the starch found from that root plant is called Tapioca.But we popularly known Cassava as Tapioca in english,Kappa in malayalam,Maravallikizhangu in tamil...Parts of the tapioca plant such as the roots,leaves are used in herbal medicines.Tapioca provides healthy supplements to our body.

I used to buy once in a month and prepared it for our breakfast.If tapioca remains i cooked for lunch as a spicy sidedish.It keeps your stomach full for longer time.Appa takes fresh tapioca/cassava from our garden often,amma prepared for our evening snacks.The peeling & cutting part of tapioca is the messy job,appa always did for my mom.Initially i used to peel the skin by peeler but my MIL told me the right procedure when she came here.

I found this method is easier than peeling.It takes 10mins,but the only thing is you have to be carefull in cutting part as the tapioca is very hard.Make sure that the centre part of the Thick root (Cordon) is removed for better health.You can prepare this for your breakfast,lunch & snacks time too.You can refrigerate pieces for 2-3days after you cut the tapioca. I was so surprised,when i came to know that the Sago / Javvarisi is made from tapioca.

How To Cut the Tapioca / Cassava ?
Thats it : Wash – Cut – Peel the strips – Make pieces
Total Time : 10mins

Things Needed :

Tapioca / Cassava
(i used 2medium size)
Sharp Knife
Cutting Board
Cover for discarding the skin

Procedure :

1.Wash tapioca under running water by gently scrubbing with your hands to remove sand OR you can soak tapioca for 3mins in water filled tub by immersing it.

[Dont strain yourself to remove the sands,after cutting also we have to wash it off]
2.In a cutting board,cut head and tail part of tapioca by sharp knife.

3.Cut tapioca into round wedges.It felt hard to cut so just press the knife’s upperside with your other hand.If your tapioca is very bigger then press the knife till it reaches the centre root part ,take it out and again press other half side by cutting.

4.Now peel the skin by slit the sides of the round wedges then pull it off the hard pink coloured strip like skin.Strips gently leave the inner part as a lengthy strip.Sometimes strips may broken,no need to worry just pull it by your knife.Do this process for all the  round wedges.

5.Now discard the skin,strips and wash all the tapioca rounds,knife,cutting board by rinsing under running water to remove the sand.
Cut into small cubes and discard the centre part of the thick root (Cordon) in every round wedges.

Tapioca/Cassava Pieces are Ready...!!!

Cook your favourite dish OR refrigerate it for your later use.

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