Mar 3, 2015

Onion Uthappam

Onion Uthappam ia a popular south-indian breakfast which is prepared from fresh idly-dosai batter.It goes well with sambar,coconut chutney etc.; Chopped onion is the top ingredient which is sprinkled over the fresh dosai batter,it gives sweet taste for uthappam.You can sprinkle idly podi OR chaat masala over that for nice flavour.It keeps your stomach full for longer time.

Uthappam looks softer in upper side and stiffy in base sides.

I used to prepare uthappam once in a two weeks.My Man's staple order in hotels,so he told me the adjustments regarding the perfection.From that,nowadays it is favourite for me too.
Onion Uthappam Recipe :
Thats it : Spread Thicker Dosai – Add onion – Cook well
Total Time : 10mins  
Yields : 4 medium size uthappam

Ingredients :

2 Cups
Big onion (Chopped)
2medium sized
Green chilli (chopped)
2 (optional)
Chaat masala OR idly Podi
Seesame Oil / Nallennai (For drizzling)

Preparation :

# Chop the onion,green chillies lengthwise or fine pieces.
# Keep ready with fresh Idly-dosai batter.Check for the salt.

1.Heat a dosai pan with medium flame,pour two ladle full of fresh      batter,let it be spread.Dont spread with ladle.
2.Sprinkle chopped onion,green chilli throughout the                            spread,sprinkle generous amount of Idly podi OR Chaat masala        powder.
3.Drizzle oil around dosai.
4.Cook for 1min till ¾ th cooking of dosai.Small holes appears            over the dosai and cooked further.Dont overcook,it turns hard.
5.Flip over and cook for 30secs.
6.Now take it from the dosai pan,it looks soft texture in upper side      with brown colour cooked onion.(Dont overcook otherwise onion    turns black in colour and tastes bitter.)

Onion Uthappam is ready...!!!

Serve hot with sambar,coconut chutney.

Notes :
1.Always use fresh idly-dosai batter for uthappam.Old batter’s uthappam turns so hard.
2.Dont overcook dosai,it may also results hard textured dosai.
3.Adding Idly podi OR chaat masala powder gives nice flavour and taste.
4.After flipping it,dont overcook otherwise onion turns black in colour and tastes bitter.
5.Adding green chillies are optional.

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