Mar 8, 2015

Tapioca Curry (Mild & Spicy Version)

Spicy Version

Tapioca / Kappa curry is very popular dish in kerala,they used to serve with fish curry,which is the best combination to this curry.Tapioca provides healthy supplements to our body.I used to buy once in a month and prepared amma's mild version for our breakfast.If tapioca remains i cooked for lunch as a spicy sidedish.It keeps your stomach full for longer time.Appa takes fresh tapioca from our garden often,amma prepared mild version of tapioca curry for our evening snacks.

Tapioca / Cassava :

Tapioca is familiar with the english names cassava,tapioca plant,manioc.Originally the root vegetable name is Cassava and the starch found from that root plant is called Tapioca.But we popularly known as Cassava as Tapioca in english,Kappa in malayalam,Maravallikizhangu in tamil...Parts of the tapioca plant such as the roots,leaves are used in herbal medicines.

Mild Version 

Initially i used to peel the skin by peeler but my MIL told me the right procedure when she came here.I find this is easier than that.It takes 10-15mins,but the only thing is you have to be carefull in cutting part as the tapioca is very hard.You can prepare this for your breakfast,lunch & snacks time too.After you cut the tapioca you can refrigerate pieces for 2-3days. I was so surprised,when i came to know that the Sago / Javvarisi is made from tapioca.I want to post mild version and spicy version here.

Tapioca Curry : (Mild & Spicy Version)
Thats it : Pressure Cook – Coconut mixture – Seeding
Cutting Time   : 12-15mins
Cooking Time :  20mins
Serves             :  2Persons 

Ingredients :
Mild Version
Tapioca 6 Cups   

Water      3 Cups
Salt         2 tsp       
Coconut   ½ Cup
Jeera        1 tsp
Green chillies  3

Spicy Version
Tapioca  6 Cups    

Water      3 Cups
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Salt         2 tsp       
Coconut   ½ Cup
Sombu      1 tsp 
Red chillies   5
Garlic        3flakes
Small Onion 6   

Seeding :
Coconut oil   2 tbsp
Mustard        1 tsp
Red chilli      1-2
Curry Leaves 2 Sprig  

Procedure : 
Mild Version(Follow the same procedure for spicy version)

# Be ready with Tapioca pieces.

1.Add Tapioca pieces with 3Cups of water,salt to the cooker.Pressure cook with high flame for 2whistles.(High flame pressure cooking retains crunchiness.If you want mash it)

2.Meanwhile,dry grind coconut,green chilli,jeeragam by giving 3pulse of grind.Add it to the cooked Tapioca.Mix well and cook in low flame for 2mins.Keep aside.

4.Heat a seeding pan,add coconut oil,mustard,after it splutters,urad dhal,after it browns,add red chilli,curry leaves.Add it to the Tapioca curry.

Tapioca Curry : Mild Version is Ready...!!!

Serving Suggestions :
Mild Version :

# Breakfast with Tea,
# Evening Snack with Tea(for 3Persons)
# Serve With Fish Curry
# Serve With Fish Curry

Spicy version :

# Serve with Fish Curry
# Sidedish for rice,kuzhambu varieties
Notes :
1.Pressure Cooking with high flame retains crunchiness.
2.Adding coconut oil gives nice flavour to the curry.

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