Apr 4, 2015

Kids Old Jeans Pant into Shorts l Arts & Crafts (DIY) : Hobby Ideas

Fashion Is What We Do...

Old Jeans Pant into Shorts : Still confused ?

Yes...!!! Most of the times,kids new & crazy jeans getting the name 'Short Jeans / Old Jeans ' within a month of buy,thats because of the faster growth of kids.Those kind of jeans placed the permanent place in our wardrobe.So many times we thoughtof to discard that ,but sentimentally we will not do this.Nowadays kidswear comes with the hip elasticity so we can use those for same thing but in a different way.

Kids Old Jeans Usage : Shorts,Shorter Shorts for Girl kids,Purse,Spects Box,Hand bag.You can make wall hanging,aprons,hand bag,foot Mat,used to cover the things with old jeans.
Here,i post 3/4 Shorts for both girls and boys & Shorter shorts for girls.

Old Jeans Pant into Shorts :

Things Needed :

Kids Short Jeans 
Sharp Scissors
Marker / Crayon / Pencil
Flat Surface
Shorts Making :

i) 3/4 Shorts for Kids 

1.Place the jeans over the flat surface.Take the knee measurement of your kids by placing jeans to their hips to toe.Now make a mark in jeans knee point with pencil.Below the knee measurement say  6cms ,again mark a point with crayon / marker for both pant legs. 
(My measurement :1st & last blue mark is his height. Centre blue mark is shorts height which is marked under knee mark.Red mark is for to be cut)

2.Cut the 6th cms mark which is from knee point straightly by sharp scissors.

3.Now fold the jeans 3 times by a cm and stitch it.
(You can stitch by your hands with needle and thread or by sewing machine)

Now 3/4 Shorts is ready...!!!

ii)Shorter Shorts

1. Place the Jeans into the flat surface.

2.Take the measurement of your kid by placing jeans to their hips to toe.Make a mark in jeans 1cm above with her knee point.Cut the mark straightly by sharp scissors.

And make one cm small slits / cut throughout the cut bottom for a fashionable one.
(If you want make one stitch in the cut shorts above the cut point and make a slits below the stitch.

Now Shorter Shorts is ready...!!!

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