Apr 2, 2015

Ragi Pakoda / Fritters (Ragi(Finger Millet) - Kelvaragu - Nachini)

Pakoda is the popular indian tea-time snack which can be prepared within 10mins.Ragi Pakoda is the healthier version of pakoda.Generous amount of onion is the main ingredient which gives unique and yummy taste to  it.For making Pakodas,we have to make tight mixture by adding little water. 

People love to have crispy pakodas with hot tea at evening time specially during rainy season.Yes..!its true.You can also store it in air-tight container,it stays well for a week.

I used to prepare onion pakodas once in a two weeks.A month ago,i prepared this ragi pakoda with little adjustments of onion pakoda,it tastes good.I added crushed peanuts for extra taste and flavour like we did for ragi roti.

Ragi Pakoda / Fritters :
Thats it : Mix all ings. - Deep Fry 
Cooking Time : 5mins
Serves : 2Persons

Ingredients :

Ragi / Finger Millet / Nachini Flour - 1Cup
Besan Flour  - 1/2 Cup
Rice Flour - 1Tbsp
Big Onion - 1big size
Green Chilli - 1big size
Ginger - 1"inch
Peanuts - 3Tbsp
Curry Leaves - 2Sprigs
Coriander / Mint Leaaves - 2Sprigs
Salt - 1tsp
Water - 1/4 Cup+
Hot Oil - 1Tbsp

Oil to deep fry

Preparation :

# Chop Onion lenghtwise and finely chop ginger,green chillies,curry leaves(1sprig),coriander leaves,peanuts.

1.In a wide bowl,add ragi flour,besan flour,rice flour,chopped ingredients,salt.Roughly mix all the ings. by hands.

2.Now slowly add 1/4 Cup of water little by little and mix well and make a tight mixture,check for the spicyness and salt.(For me it takes 1/4 Cup of water)

3.Heat a kadai with required amount of oil with low-medium flame.Check the hotness by adding a bit of mixture,if its fried with bubbles its ready.Take the dough mixture in your hands and squeeze by pressing the fingers(which is the perfect way of making pakodas).Dont over crowd the kadai.Fry for 2mins till the sound/bubbles subsides.

4.Fry till the sound subsides(2mins),now it looks dark brown in colour.Take out the pakodas carefully and drain it in tissue paper.[Dont wait till it changes in black colour,it tastes bitter]

Lastly fry reserved curry leaves(1sprig) in oil and add it to the pakodas.

Ragi Pakoda is Ready...!!!

Serving Suggestions :
# Coconut Chutney
# Green Chutney (Raw Mint & Coriander)
# Hot Tea (specially Ginger Tea)

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