Apr 6, 2015

Watermelon Popsicle l Summer Recipes

'Beat The Heat'
[Popsicle - Stick Ice - Kuchi Ice - Ice Pop - Frozen pop]
Popsicles are very popular in summer season which is apt chilled item to beat the heat.It can be prepared from fresh fruits / fruit syrups.Intake of liquid(fresh juices,water content fruits) is very important to keep our body away from dehydration.And adding fresh fruits are so good for our health during summer season.Homemade Popsicles are so easy & very interesting thing to prepare,just grind,strain & freeze it.

Surprise your kids with homemade popsicles,it surely gives them double happiness.In this watermelon popsicle recipe,i added mint leaves for extra flavour,instead of mint leaves you can add ginger too.If you have time and more patience you can deseed and make your popsicles,it gives nice vibrant red colour.I am not having popsicle mould so use my plastic cups ,you can also use use&throw cups but dont use glasses ,there is a chance to get broken because of the freezing temperature.My Man & My Little Prince is a big fan of ice creams,so i planned to try and post some ice cream recipes to beat this summer.

Popsicle is a popular brand of ice pop in the United States and Canada and became a genericised trademark for any type of ice pop due to its popularity.

Watermelon Popsicles Recipe :
Thats it : Grind Watermelon cubes - Strain it - Freeze it
Preparation Time : 10mins
Freezing Time : 8hrs

Ingredients :

Watermelon Cubes - 1/2 Fruit (8Cups)
Mint Leaves - 8Leaves
Lemon - 1
Sugar / Honey - 2tbsp(OPTIONAL)
Kiwi Slices - 4tbsp(OPTIONAL)

Plastic Cups - 5
Ice Sticks - 5

{ Deseeding is optional when u add lemon }

Procedure :
1.Seperate the innerpart from watermelon rind/outer thicker skin by using knife.Cut it as cubes.

2.Add the watermelon cubes,lemon juice(discard seeds),mint leaves,sugar/honey (if needed) into the blender.Just grind for 15-20secs then strain it in a big vessel.

3.Pour it in moulds / cups lower than the stick size.Now cover it with cling wrap/aluminium foil and insert the sticks.Arrange all the cups in a plate for safe.Freeze it for 8hrs.

4. After 8hrs of freezing time,take out the cups carefully.Open the wrap,now popsicles stick tightly to the cups/moulds. So just keep under running water for 30secs and pull the stick,it comes out easily.Enjoy homemade popsicles...

Watermelon Popsicle is Ready...!!!

Notes :
1.Adding lemon is for different taste and to avoid the bitter taste of seeds.[You can also dessed the fruit]
2.Adding mint leaves gives nice flavour to the watermelon popsicles.
3.You can also add chopped kiwi pieces / slices to the moulds with popsicle water before freezing.
4.If you are not having popsicle mould ,use any cups except glasses,there is a chance to break with freezing temperature.
5.If you are having small height sticks then insert after 3hrs of freezing time.It became easy to insert halfway in the semi solid liquid.

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