Aug 27, 2015

MOM Vs KIDS l KG Kids Tiffin Box Ideas

KG Kids Tiffin Box Ideas

Every mom used to dream about their kids lunch box ideas before they started schooling.And me too like you all started collecting different variety of lunch-boxes,water-bottles,towels and all before his schooling.When comes to lunch-box foods sometimes we win and sometimes we fail to get satisfaction.Yes...!its my case,am 70% satisfied and the best thing is my little prince is 100% better than me in eating,yes! am a picky-eater during my school days.I remember that my mom used to tell when she feed carrots - its good for your eyes,Urad dhal halwa(Ulundhu Kazhi) - its good for your spinal cord and all.So even though am a picky-eater,i never say 'No' to some of the traditional and healthy foods.So i decided one thing before my little one's birth that he has to love the food and know the health benifits.I never force him too much except for some recipes.

Even though kids are not taking healthy foods some kids are looking fatty-bubbly(because of junk foods).In other case,kids who are taking min or max of healthy foods looking thin too.As a mother,we are satisfied with their intake but when some people ask about their thin/fat body,we felt bad.
And me too cross all those things and consulting with doctors too.They too expect kids thin body rather than fatty which is named obessity....Nowadays doctors gave advice to mom about feeding healthy foods to children to get good immunization.Finally i came to the decision that our kids body-growth depends on parents heridity and so on except for junk-food eaters.So nothing to worry.

Hope Every  Mom Followed this during Pre-School period :

* Make them to love food by applying little creativity like shapes,alphabets using cookie-cutter, it increases their curiousity about food and also learning process.They should know usual shapes of dosa/chapathi etc.; then only they come to feel the speciality of creative methods.
* When you are playing with your kids tell them the health benifits of Fruits,Veggies by playful manner,it automatically increases their interest and importance of food.
* Include them to cooking & helping like....ask them to get ingredients from refrigerator by  the name of help....ask them to do small peeling ,cutting using bread knife and dont forget to appreciate them.(Also be careful when they are in kitchen both safetywise and naughtywise)
* Ask/teach them to take/select veggies and fruits while go for markets.
* Encourage them to eat salads with foods.
* Dont force them too much to finish their foods except for sometimes(special recipes).
* Dont make their minds to get diversion on Tv or some other actions while feeding foods.Even though all this happens they must be open their mouth with the food interest.Its on your hands.
* Give them respect(space) by asking their favourite foods.During dining time tell them that  specially i cooked this recipe for you like that.From that they considered them as a responsible one and start appreciating U and give u the suggestions about food.
* Pack their favourite foods surprisingly but dont make trial with new foods you will be dissappointed 80%.

Am not a well-experieced mother i just enjoyed my 4years of nappying process but always want to be a successful mother.Morover i am satisfied with these points so it happened to write it here.These tips are from successful moms and also from my own experience...and it works in my little one's case too.I promise,if you follow these above tips surely your kids demand their favourite and healthy foods for their tiffin box.It brings you blasting happiness.So fill your kids tiffin box with healthy foods and convince them with any comic story characters to make them eat happily.

My Own Experiece With My Little Prince : 

      Initially i asked him for tomorrows tiffin box packing.(His school timing 7.45 AM to 12.15 PM so his food time is a brunch time(it satisfies both breakfast and lunch)).He asked for his favourite paneer sandwich.If i said bread is not in home he goes for idiyappam.Sometimes he is not eating his favourite food too.That time i stop buying his favourite foods ingredients/items by telling him.Next week he automatically demand me to buy those items and after that he finished that every time.
Every day when he entering into the home he said,'check my tiffin box mummy' when he emptied otherwise 'mummy dont sad am not finished eating my food'.

His naughty and also the true reasons are,
 * Teacher told me to close my tiffin box.....after that he replied :i was playing & chatting with my friends so no time mummy.
 * Because of mustard,curry leaves i didnt eat.
But for the whole am 70% satisfied with him because he returned his tiffin box empty or with little quantity only.
On Parent Teachers Meeting, i confirmed about his intake with his teacher.She also said no problem with his food,he happily enjoyed eating and 'you are the only mom send him with variety of creative recipes'.I was flying on the sky that time and feeling very happy for her compliment.

Even though kids love food when we go to friends and relatives place their food style and demand changed.No issues,your parenting seed from home will grow healthier by ages.

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