Sep 17, 2015

Traditional Chola Khool / Kanji ( Cholam - Sorghum - Jowar )

         Chola Khool,yes!...we all heard / tasted it from our grand mother.
Cholam / Sorghum / Jowar is a ancient and gluten-free grain,rich in thiamin,riboflavin,niacin and trace minerals such as iron,phosphorous and potassium.The colour of cholam / sorghum varies from white to red to black colour.Cholam / sorghum is oftenly eaten as porridge or boiled like rice as a base for other dishes.

Amma gave me a pack of 2kg whole grain cholam during my last vacation which is cultivated from our own garden.I love millets and so regularly include cholam to my idly-dosas,porridge for the past 2months.Amma gave me this whole grain Chola Khool recipe with traditional way of making with fermentation.It goes well with small onion / any thogayal / vadagam / pickle.It takes little extra cooking time than ragi / nachini / kelviragu.It stays fresh for 2days in room temperature.I am from village so got chances to taste all/max types of whole grain porridges.I personally recommend you all to include any millet recipes in your diet.If you are having cholam / sorghum flour,just make a porridge instantly without making of fermentation.

Cholam - Sorghum - Jowar 

Recent research suggests that sorghum consumption reduce the risk of colan and skin cancer more than other other grains,and other properties can promote cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol.

Traditional Chola Khool Recipe :
Thats it : Soak & Grind - Ferment - Cook Well
Soaking Time : 3hours 
Cooking Time : 10mins
Serves : 2-3 Persons

Ingredients :
Cholam / Sorghum  -  1/2 Cup
Water - 1 1/2Cup (for grinding)
Water - 3Cups (for cooking)

(For Chola Kanji : first cook coarsely grind 3tbsp of idly rice/white rice in water then add fermented batter : STEP 3)

Serving Suggestion :
Cooked cholam mix - 1/2Cup / 1big ladle 
Buttermilk - 1/4Cup per glass
Salt - as req
(You can also add cooked & mashed rice to the porridge)

Pair it With :
Any thogayal,Pickles,Small onion,Vadagam

Procedure :

1.Wash & soak cholam for 3hrs.

2.Grinding Procedure :

* Grind soaked cholam with 1Cup of water then add little by little to get little grainy coarse batter but not as smooth paste.

* Add salt,mix and leave it for 8hrs/overnight fermentation. (It looks clear after fermentation also)

3.Cooking procedure : 

* Heat a pan with 2Cups of water then reduce the flame to low.
(For Chola Kanji : First cook coarsely grind 3tbsp of idly rice/white rice in water then add fermented batter)

* Now add fermented batter and stir continuously to avoid lumps.Its better to stir with whisk in this step.After 3mins water and batter mix together and starts boiling,now stop continuous stirring.

* Add remaining 1Cup of water and cook for 6-7mins till it thickens and looks pasty.

* Switch off the flame and cool it. 

4.Porridge making :

* After cooling down ,take required amount of thick cooked mix in a seperate bowl and add buttermilk,salt,pepper(optional).

Traditional Chola Khool  is Ready ...!!!

5.Leftover Mix :

* If you are having left over cooked mix ,add 1Cup of water,mix well and leave it otherwise fungi formed.

* It stays well after 8hrs also.Then use it for the next day's porridge.

Traditional Chola Khool :

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