Sep 19, 2015

Fig-Banana Smoothie

Fig-Banana smoothie provides you highly benificial nutritients which is mostly required during pregnancy period.During my first pregnancy,doctor adviced me to take figs,beetroots....etc.; to increase my hemoglobin level.Figs,dried figs plays important role in that and it works well for i recommend you all to have fig in any form (juice,smoothie,milkshake) with the addition of nuts and any fruits / dry fruits during pregnancy.The very best and healthy smoothie for kids breakfast.

Figs During Pregnancy :

Figs are particularly high in calcium,potassium,iron and zinc which is the key nutritients to pregnant women.High potassium content of figs help to control blood pressure.The mineral content of figs ressembles that of human breast milk.Figs are rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber which helps to mitigate the common problem of constipation.Figs mainly controls you from morning sickness,mood swings and plays vital role in developing fetus optimally and increasing hemoglobin level.

Fig-Banana Smoothie Recipe :
Thats it : Blend Figs,Banana + Soaked Almonds + Honey ,Ice Cream
Making Time : 5mins
Serves : 3Persons

Ingredients :

Fresh Fig Fruits    8nos
Banana                  2medium-sized
Soaked Almonds   4
Chilled Milk          2Cups
Water                     1/2Cup (Optional)
Ice Cream              3tbsp (any flavour)
Honey                    5tsp (optional)

Tips : 
* You can add any nuts or dry fruits(dates,raisins... in soaked form).
* You can avoid cooling effect by replacing room temperature milk and cooling effect of ice cream is enough.(I used strawberry flavoured ice cream)
* No sugar,if you want sweetness add honey.

Procedure :
1. Wash figs and scoop out the fruit/soft part from fig fruit.Slice banana and soaked almonds(or any soaked dry fruits).

2.Blend scooped figs,sliced bananas,almonds,milk,ice cream in a blender for 1min.No need for straining,serve as it is.

Serve it chill....!!!

Have a Happy & Healthy Pregnancy...!!!

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